Dave Hodges
Meet the New Animal House: Arizona’s Republican Legislators (Part 3)  


   Having announced my retirement, I no longer have an issue in the legislature’s education funding and teacher protection practices, except that I still care for the children and those that attempt to better their lives.


To all those who are advocating for the complete abandonment of our children through the abolition of public education funding, I would remind you that being a Libertarian does not call for the complete abandonment of all publicly funded services. 

Who constructs and administers our present sewer system which is used by individual families?

Who constructs and administers the delivery of your water to your home?

Who do cities contract with in order to remove the trash from your home?

 Who manages and oversees the system of energy delivery to your home?

Who handles fire and police protection?

Who handles our nation’s defense?

Who constructs and maintains the roads?

Who delivers your mail?

I see mismanagement, waste and fraud in all of the abovementioned endeavors. However, persistent problems do not call for the complete abandonment of the continued delivery of these services which are supported by user fees and taxes, at least not for anyone in their right mind. These are the necessary costs of living in a post industrial society. Individuals and most local communities do not have the resources to pay for any/all of these services.
Amazingly, I have found some individuals that suggest that individual families entirely fund their children’s education. Most families have neither the comprehensive ability nor the resources to adequately educate their children. Then why should the delivery of our children’s education be any different from any of the abovementioned services? If these “New” ideas related to 100% private subsidization of education ever come to fruition, individuals would organize themselves into collectives in order to compensate for a lack of expertise and resources and we would end up in the exact same place with a call for a return public education because of the disaster that it would create.

Here is the bottom line: Arizona is 51st in educational attainment, educational funding and teacher protections. Ray Charles could see the correlations between these three factors and we have the dropout rate of 30% to further cement the point.

Do we really think that abandoning our children’s educational funding should be the first option to balance the state’s budget deficit when Arizona leads the nation in corporate welfare?