Will the Truth Set Us Free?
Will the Truth Set Us Free?

Dot Connecting (Part One): The 911 Cover-up
Dave Hodges 
Date: 12-31-2009
Subject: Conspiracies

I have been doing talk radio for almost two years. During that time the three events which most dominate the minds of people who call into my show are: (1) the true events of 911; (2) the emerging police state, and (3) the planned population reduction by the global elite. In the collective unconscious, the American people may be putting together this emerging and heinous jigsaw puzzle. However, for most, the bottom line associated with the events of 911, remain largely unknown.

Shortly after 911, most politically aware Americans were cognizant of the fact that 911 was this generation’s version of the JFK Assassination.  In other words, the government was lying and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knew it. Within a few years, a few of us understood that the false flag events of 911 were being used to usher in a Nazi Germany version of a police state to the American people. What most people still do not realize is why this police state is being installed with such rapidity. In other words, what agenda lies behind the installation of this draconian police state resulting from the events of 911?

A general historical rule of thumb states that one cannot judge the true implications of landmark events for 20 years following the event. History has indeed demonstrated that a culture is not a good judge of its own immediate history. With regard to the events of 911, we are almost half way through this historical prohibition related to the judging the significance of a landmark event. However, a clear and unmistakable pattern is beginning to take shape and the implications for every American are undeniably ominous and I believe the implications of 911 will be fully felt in the very near future and we won’t have to wait another decade in order to fully judge the significance of the event.

This is the first installment of a multipart series which examines the following:

1.    The facade of the 911 Commission Report

2.    The true purpose of the 911 events and how the event is being used to usher in the most efficient and brutal police state in world history.

3.    The true purpose of the emerging police state, in America, and the very dire implications to every citizen who is not a member of the “global elite club.”

Pearl Harbor is often heralded as the most defining event in the 20th Century. The events surrounding the events of that fateful December 7th day have been meticulously investigated (e.g., battle tactics, leadership ineptitudes and conspiracy theories). Don’t the three thousand victims of 911 deserve any less of an analysis?  Apparently, the United States Government does not think so. Therefore, in the absence of full disclosure, the rank and file of the American people is left to conduct their own investigations. However, for many who have dared to question the official 911 Commission Report, they have been met with unyielding oppression which has often resulted in the researchers and skeptics being fired and publicly humiliated (e.g., Steve Jones, Van Jones).

I too, have serious doubts about the validity of the findings of the 911 Commission. The findings are neither complete nor completely believable in their present form. Here is a brief and partial summary of my unanswered questions related to 911.

Unanswered Questions Regarding 911

1. Why was the video of the Mineta testimony removed from the 9/11 Commission website?

2. Why has not the government addressed the "coincidence" of Able Danger? 

3. What explains the failure of the Government to release the many videotapes of the plane, on approach, that struck the Pentagon?

4. Why was there a change in the scramble/intercept procedure three months prior to 911 for jets that are off course accompanied by a change in the shoot down orders?

5. What can explain the failure of the government to scramble jets over a period of an hour and twenty eight minutes between the Twin Towers being struck and the crash in Pennsylvania?

6. How could the unrelated events of 911 and the invasion of Iraq be successfully linked which culminated in the demise of Saddam Hussein despite strong evidence to the contrary?  

7. What explains the well documented (e.g., Kevin Phillips) Bush/Cheney plans to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq within the first 10 days of the Bush Administration. This was well in advance of 911? However, 911 was used as the excuse in the early days of our military action to justify invasion. Why wasn’t this contradiction investigated?

8. The well documented engineering and architectural arguments which, in my mind clearly demonstrate that the fire and heat generated by the planes striking the Twin Towers were insufficient to melt the core of the buildings. Why doesn’t this evidence  support the 911 Commission findings?
9. What could explain the almost near free-fall collapse of all three towers which defies the official explanation?

10. Where are the pieces of plane wings that supposedly struck light poles on its approach to the Pentagon?

11. The attack upon the Pentagon appears to any layman who looks at this evidence to look more like a missile strike than an airplane crash. Why does the circumference of the hole in the Pentagon greatly differ from the width of the plane? Why is there an exit hole on the backside of the building since the plane melted upon impact? Where is the debris field that one would expect on the backside of the building?

12. With all the large buildings that have been struck by planes, why are the Twin Towers the only ones to collapse in a pancake fashion similar to a planned demolition? And, what about the pop outs?

13. Where are the skid marks on the lawn prior to impact at the Pentagon?

14. What about the evidence which strongly suggests that 11 nations warned us about the possibility of such an attack?

15. Maintenance worker, William Rodriguez, was the last man out of the Twin Towers. At 8:46AM, Rodriguez reports that he heard two distinct explosions, seven seconds apart, which emanated from the floors below him. Rodriguez also reports the two explosions occurred before the planes hit the towers. Rodriguez was interviewed by the 911 Commission for 30 minutes, in secret, behind closed doors. His testimony is conspicuously absent from the 911 Report. So why did the last man out of the Towers manage to have testimony left out of the 911 Commission Report?  

16. Brigham Young University professor, Steve Jones, concluded that super thermite was used to bring down the Towers, including Tower 7, through a controlled demolition.  Jones contends that he was warned by governmental officials that if he published his results his personal “pain would be great.” And the warning proved prophetic as Jones was fired after publishing his results. How does a tenured university professor get fired for publishing legitimate research results when the peer review process could have been utilized to analyze the Jones’ claims?

17. Ground Zero rescue worker, Mike Bellone, claims he was approached by unknown FBI  agents a short time after he and his partner, Nicholas DeMasi, a retired New York firefighter, found three of the four “black boxes” among the WTC rubble before January 2002. In the 911 Commission Report, Chapter 1, footnote 76, there is the sole but definitive reference to the airline “black boxes”: “The CVR’s and the FDR’s [voice and flight data recorders] from American 11 and United 175 were not found.” With this obvious contradiction, why weren’t these two rescue workers interviewed by the 911 Commission?

18. How could all four black boxes not be retrieved by the FBI when nearly ALL crashes through course of modern aviation history, do retrieve the black box?

19. When LBJ ordered JFK’s presidential limousine stripped and cleaned, he effectively destroyed the primary crime scene in the murder of JFK. In similar fashion forty one truck loads of debris were hauled away from Twin Towers within hours of the crime. Both events are felonies as they clearly represent the tampering of a crime scene. Why didn’t the 911 Commission Report address the question as to why normal crime scene investigative techniques were not employed?

20. Much of the remaining crime scene evidence is still being held under lock and key at Hangar 17 at JFK Airport. Over eight years later and with the ink dry on the 911 Commission’s findings, why isn’t the evidence made available to journalists and investigators? What is the government afraid of?

For the decades following the JFK Assassination, the American people engaged in a parlor game of questioning the evidence associated The Warren Report (e.g., the timing problem, the magic bullet, etc.). However, few discussions ever reached the level of why JFK had to be eliminated. The events of 911 have followed a similar pattern. The next part of this series will attempt to take the reader beyond these now meaningless and superficial analyses of the governmental report by pointing this investigation in a direction which imperils all of us.