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Date: 01-04-2010
Subject: Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Monday, January 4th 2010
Charles Goyette takes us to school on CNBC. In the first hour we learn the new crop of lies being peddled to unwary investors.   

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Feature Article  •  Global Edition
Federal Reserve
Charles Goyette on CNBC with the outlook for the US Dollar!
Charles Goyette
   The author of The Dollar Meltdown tells why the dollar will lose purchasing power in the new year. Policies will be pursued by the same irresponsible Republicans and Democrats, the same wreckless fiscal authorities, and the same money-printing Feder

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Employment & Jobs
Will latest jobs bill really produce jobs?
01-04-2010  •  AP 
Tens of thousands of new construction jobs, 5,500 more cops, 25,000 more AmeriCorps members, 250,000 summer jobs for disadvantaged youth. "Why don't we just put everyone in the United States on the federal government payroll and call it a day?" count 
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Mortgage foreclosures still swamping federal efforts to help
01-04-2010  •  McClatchy News 
Banks and other lenders are still foreclosing on Americans' homes at a rate that's outpacing the Obama administration's main effort to stem the crisis. In fact, while the Treasury Department's Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, has starte 
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Federal Reserve
Fed Chief Edges Closer to Using Rates to Pop Bubbles
01-04-2010  •  Wall Street Journal 
ATLANTA -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke cracked the door open a bit more to the idea of raising interest rates if a new financial bubble emerges. He also mounted a vigorous defense against critics who say it was the Fed's low-interest-rate p 
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Politics: Republican Campaigns
AzGOP "Victory Plan" shot down by grassroots - thanks to alternative media like FP
01-02-2010  •  www.seeingredaz.wordpress.com 
"The proposal was to take a vote on the adoption of the draft plan, something that never came to pass, since the general consensus was opposed to even voting on the measure..."