Alex Jones Co-opts Texans for Accountable Government's Austin PD Protest

Alex Jones Co-opts Texans for Accountable Government's Austin PD Protest
Jet Lacey 
Website: The R3VOLution Continues with Jet Lacey
Date: 01-26-2010
Subject: Activism

January 26, 2010

By Jet Lacey


A planned protest turned ugly yesterday when liberty activists turned on each other at an event held on the steps of the Austin Police Department HQ regarding the APD and BATFE’s decision to shut down the long running and legally-held Texas Gun Show on January16th and 17th. 

Talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones was invited yet refused to speak at yesterday’s protest, which was sponsored by Texans for Accountable Government, Truth Seekers, and the Ladies of Liberty Alliance.  Instead, Jones co-opted the event by using his bullhorn to drown out the event's scheduled speakers.

In a YouTube video chronicling the takeover of the event by Jones and the ensuing tumult, Catherine Bleish, Executive Director of the Liberty Restoration Project confronted Jones regarding his comment that they were “new activists and they didn’t know what they were doing,” to which Jones replied; “Well, I said that to you, yes.”

An off-camera and unnamed activist then asked for the reason why Jones didn't work with the event's organizers, to which Jones replied, "Well, I'm sorry; I brought 80% of the people here."  While much of the audio is unintelligible due to ambient sound, Bleish informs Jones “Many people worked really hard on this event,” to which Jones replied again, “You don’t know what you’re doing.”  Jones also says during the exchange, “You’ve got a hard-on for me” and “I’ll be here in 20 years.”

You know what they say; too many cooks trying to make a name for themselves always spoil the broth.