Sharlene Holt Publishes Music Videos & News at Her You Tube Channel
Sharlene Holt Publishes Music Videos & News at Her You Tube Channel

Sharlene Holt Dedicates Song to Ron Paul Revolution
Sharlene Holt 
Date: 01-29-2010
Subject: r3VOLution Continues

By Sharlene Holt

Musicians for Freedom

Friday, January 27, 2010

Here's a recent video featuring my song, Running Scared, which I performed for the first time on the "big stage" in December at the Freedom's Phoenix Freedom Summit '09 and dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul, who graced our assembly with his presence on Saturday that weekend while he was in town for the Campaign for Liberty conference. As usual, we all enjoyed his speech and his enduring message of liberty. Following Dr. Paul's speech at the summit, fans escorted him and his crew to the curb where he joined all of us in a "sign wave." I have gads of pictures and video from the event, which I'm sorting through slowly. I also have some video performances by Jordan Page; Keep an eye out for these uploads to You Tube soon.

I wrote this song around 2000 but never had a chance to record it to CD. I hope my fans will agree that the tune is catchy, and the words are appropriate to describe Ron Paul supporters' passion, fidelity to the movement, and our faithfulness to the Revolution, aka the Love-O-Lution! Thanks to Ernest Hancock and the Freedom's Phoenix gang for welcoming me into their fold and allowing me the opportunity to entertain and participate. Keep up the good work!

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