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Electric bike lands me in kangaroo court, and the kangaroos are NOT happy when I expose their FRAUD!  
       A couple months ago I was riding my electric bike to church on sunday morning. At the intersection of Camelback and 7th st I was pulled over by a cop who began screaming that it was a motorcycle.
Fortunately I had my video camera, and that is when things got even stranger. The officer then called for backup, nine squad cars showed up including memebrs of the swat team. Ultimately they refused to listen to reason and wrote me the ticket.
       My first time in court for this was 5 weeks ago. I presented DVD evidence, presented House Bill 2796 which specifically states that electric bikes don't require paperwork, and caught the cops who were there in a lie because their testimony conflicted with the DVD evidence. The judge didn't like that at all and after I objected to the a few of the things the cops said and then plead the 5th when the cops asked me questions the judge screamed that he would charge me with criminal contempt if I didn't answer the questions, and to top it off I was cuffed and taken into a small room where I calmly sat for 30 minutes.
       I was then taken back into court where the only one there was the judge, judge Zellit, and his baliff. I was told there would be a continuance and that I had to apologize to the cops for accusing them of perjury else he'd charge me with criminal contempt. I asked if I could continue to gather and submit evidence up untill the next court date. Judge Zellit said yes.
       So far I've made numerous videos about this and have gone to the capitol to discover what the law says. One interesting thing to note is that the DMV law differs from state law, this is not only highly confusing but also fraudulent on their part. I have gotten three copies of the Bill 2796, a copy frpom the House, another from the Senate, and a one from the Governors office. I've also gotten copies of my electric bkes stats which show it is within the legal definition of an electric bike. I provided this information to the judge 2 weeks ago and have copies of all the info incase the court loses the evidence I've provided.
       I have also made it clear that I will be submitting DVD evidence and copies of the bill to members of Phoenix's city council and the city manager. If I am found guilty I will appeal and sue the city. I will NOT go quietly into the night.
      My next court date if anyone would like to show up and bear witness to the criminal behavior of the court is Feb 19th, 1:30 room #404.  At the phoenix municipal court bldg, the one beside city hall, 300 West Washington street.
      I encourage my fellow activists to be there to support me with prayer and their presence. I will fight this beast, and I Nicholas Dionysus Bravo SHALL prevail!