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Cowardly judge runs scared in electric bike case!  
       Judge pro-temp Zellit had a court date and he missed it. After five weeks of submitting motion after motion packed with legal evidence I am told to bugger off for another SIX WEEKS! Never mind the fact the only reason I was still in Phoenix this long was for the court date.
       Here I sat, looking for a job in a place of record unemployment, no car, no house, no nothing, slowly wearing out my welcome at the places I spend time at. Yet, that incompetent judge Zellit has the unmitigated gall to postpone the trial  for another SIX WEEKS!  I had other stuff I could've been doing and dealing with in another state. I graciously sacrificed my time to get this issue straightened out and it was wasted!
      I have never felt so useless just sitting here waiting! The time is now for me to leave phoenix to do what I need to do. I leave tuesday, either by greyhound (ticket $160 I don't have yet) or hitchhike. Come hell or high water I'm off to do what I need to do. Yes in April I'll file a motion for continuance, maybe even a change in venue. I am finished wasting anymore time on this nonsense in one of the most economically ass backwards cities in the nation. The big delusion I'm now over is that if I play by their rules they'll back off. That is a suicidal delusion, and I am finished sacrificing myself for them.
      On a brighter note, the place I'm going is a place where I can make a bigger difference. I know activists up there who have access to radio and tv studios, I can create my own path rather than just follow in the tread marks of folks like Ernest Hancock and Alex Jones.