4409 -- Photo Radar Executive is worried about HIS privacy?

4409 -- Photo Radar Executive is worried about HIS privacy?
Forty Four O Nine 
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/RP4409
Date: 04-10-2010
Subject: Videos by 4409

Redflex photo radar scam executive Jay Heiler refuses to show me his car so I can take down his VIN# and license plate. That's strange, because I remember Jay telling us "If you're not doing anything wrong, then why do you care" hmmm,  hypocrisy at its finest :) Don’t you know it’s for your safety? 
We started CameraFRAUD back in Aug of 2008 as a way of having fun while at the same time freeing the minds of the people who mistakenly believed these Scameras were for safety.
Ever since then we've dominated the language and the debate by using a Ron Paul type approach and have systematically obliterated them on every level. The debate is now over and the Cameras are coming down.
This footage was from the CameraFRAUD/ Redflex debate held at the Tempe, AZ. I caught Jay Heiler as he was leaving but he would not go to his car.