I created the nationally known
I created the nationally known

ruSSell pearce, chris SSimcox, carl Steal and some lady from a greater than your tea bagger group.
Date: 04-18-2010
Subject: New World Order

All the wonderful things ruSSell has done over the years, from his own web site...

 * I was with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office which is the fourth largest Sheriff’s Office in the nation for 23 years, achieving the rank of Chief Deputy  
* Directed and operated the fourth largest jail system in U.S.
* Created with the FBI the Fugitive Task Force, “Desert Hawk” which is a violent crimes fugitive task force  

Director of Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division:
* Eliminating more than 3 million annual transactions
* Reduced wait times from over two hours to less than 20 minutes
* Implemented “Service Arizona” to renew vehicle registrations and other transactions 24/7 from your home computer to save you the taxpayers time and money
E-Business award from IBM " the only government agency in the world to have ever received this award

I wonder if IBM gave Hitler an award for using IBM punch card readers to process Jews and others during the holocaust?

the road to hell is being built by this guy, who cares what his intintions are...