Mike Renzulli
An Invasion of Iran is Imminent  
Dear Mr. President,
What I am about to articulate in this letter is a decision I do not come to lightly and a Google search will confirm the previous activities I participated in prior to writing you.
Free countries have a right, though not a duty, to invade and attack dictatorships since they enslave, strike fear into and intimidate the people who live under them and support subversive activities abroad that further their philosophical or religious ideology on which they are based.
Neither the Afghan Taliban nor Saddam Hussein posed an immediate threat to the United States. However, if the events occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan are any indication our invasions and occupations of both countries are/were a mistake.
Not because they were illegitimate or immoral (they were not) but because it's clear that Iraq and Afghanistan were the wrong countries to invade.
Our occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have placed our military in a precarious situation where they are vulnerable to attack from Iraqi insurgents supported by a vastly funded radical Islamic network.
This is the result of a lack of resolve on the part of Congress and the Executive Branch to allow our armed forces to complete their missions with the resources they need.
This practice needs to end and, with all due respect, you need to ensure they do. By not adequately funding missions of the U.S. military is a prescription for failure and I am sure you would agree our missions in both countries should be conducted with the resources the U.S. military needs to do it's job or our armed forces need to be brought home.
I originally campaigned against both incursions mainly due to my concerns about the growth of government power as a result of war, my initial concern for the lives of the innocent Iraqi civilians and the lives of U.S. military personnel. At the time I also thought the U.S. lacked a legitimate reason to invade either Iraq or Afghanistan due to the U.S. government’s covert and military involvements in the middle east.
As you may know, the Iran is the 4th largest exporter of oil. As a result, the regime is able sustain itself via massive amounts of revenue generated from oil export sales. Not only can the Iranian theocracy sustain itself but it can also fund other endeavors such as terrorism.
Iran committed an act of war in 1979 when Iranian Revolutionary forces took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held its personnel hostage.
As you may also be aware, since that time Iran has funded terrorist groups that have mainly attacked Israel, U.S. installations overseas, our allies and their citizens.
Though they will not openly say it, it’s abundantly clear that Iran has been and is still at war with the United States, its people and its allies. Therefore, we should bring the fight directly to them and take the regime down.
In light of recent circumstances with the near bombing of Times Square on the part of a sympathizer of the Pakistani Taliban (who is supported by Iran) and extensive, further research on my part I have concluded the only way to halt terrorism in the West and put the brakes on radical strains of Islam would be to invade Iran.
Taking out the Iranian regime would drastically defund terrorist groups and send a message to radical Islamists that the United States will not sit by and allow states that support terrorism to exist or continue supporting seditious activities.
Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology should make a military attack and invasion of the country even more of an immediate priority. With nuclear technology in their possession, Iran can and will be able to assist or educate terrorist groups in the construction and usage of dirty bombs.
With all due respect, diplomatic efforts in this regard are futile. The Iranian President and his government’s representatives are only putting up fronts in their dealings with you and U.S. diplomats. The Iranians are lying if they make promises or deny their activities. Unfortunately, diplomacy cannot and will not stop Iran from continuing its support of terrorist groups and from obtaining nuclear technology.
I respectfully urge you to discontinue diplomatic negotiations or dialogue and support a full-scale military action against Iran. Air strikes, imposing sanctions, or supporting dissident groups in the country (while legitimate and moral to do so) are only a band aid on the overall problem.
The Iranian regime is an outlaw nation and an enabler of terrorism. The Iranian government must be directly taken out with the full force of our military. Military action is the only way to ensure justice for the past and present victims of terrorism and to ensure the long-term safety of the United States, its citizens and our allies.
Thank you.