Howard Blitz
Website: The Freedom Library
Immigration Needs Liberty, not Government Power  
French economist, statesman, and author of The Law, Frederic Bastiat, stated that if people and goods are not allowed to freely cross borders, soldiers will.  With the advent of the administration’s authorization of quartering guard units on the Mexican-American border and many individuals’ desire to station even more, the truth of Bastiat is dangerously close at hand.  More troops and additional building of walls on the border will beget more violence, not less, just like the Berlin Wall did between East and West Germany. 
Much of the violence and crime associated with immigration is a result of the government’s war on drugs.  The solution is to end the government’s war on drugs. 
Much of the concern over immigrants being provided government welfare is a result of the government’s war on poverty, which created the need for all of the government welfare programs, which in turn has created the antagonism between Americans over who ought to receive the government benefits.  The solution is to end the government’s war on poverty. 
Mass immigration is not necessarily negative.  America had mass immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and it did not negatively impact the country.  The difference between then and now is that back then there was no Social Security, Medicare, or government welfare.  There was very little government spending, economic regulation, and very few trade restrictions.  There was also no central bank, national service, or large military industrial complex.  It was also relatively easy to immigrate, therefore “sneaking in” was non-existent.
Terrorists and other criminals crossing an international border are no different than them crossing a state border.  Laws already exist that make murder, rape, theft, and fraud criminal activity.  Law enforcement officials are to use their resources to combat that activity as opposed to peaceful activity.
Demanding personal identification to government officials is more reflective of a police state than a free society.  Individuals are not cattle to be tagged and identified.  They are not property of the state.  Individuals are free human beings that have the right to life, liberty, and to pursue happiness without infringing upon the right of others to do the same.  The demand for government to perpetrate war on people must end. 
To finance all of these government wars, additional government programs such as the Federal Reserve System and the income tax were established.  The solution to ending the financing of all of the American government’s wars is to eliminate both the Federal Reserve System and the income tax.
War brings total deprivation to people, not economic growth.  The solution to war is not more war.  The solution to war is peace.  The founders of the United States understood that peace can only be achieved when government power is restrained.  They created the United States Constitution putting government power in a lock box and assigning only very limited duties to its existence.  Many individuals though, have found a way to unlock the lock box and now demand government to solve every issue that arises from immigration to the current oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, all of which were created by government intervention in the first place. 
The United States Constitution does not authorize government to finance individuals or businesses.  It does not authorize government to provide personal welfare for anyone, even American citizens.  Immigration is not even mentioned in the Constitution; hence it is not the government’s responsibility to control immigration. 
Government power is the antithesis of individual freedom.  Individuals must concentrate on reducing, not increasing, the amount of government in their lives.  To do this, individuals must honor the Constitution and see to it that it is preserved.  To do that will require the elimination of the government’s war on drugs, war on poverty, war on immigrants, war on people in general, and the Federal Reserve System and income tax.  Instead of trying to find ways for government to control individuals, invoking the United States Constitution will see the immigration issue, health care issue, and all of the other issues that government creates be reduced immensely or even go away. 
The Constitution exists to protect individuals from government, not to use government force on individuals.  Government force, when not used in adherence to the Constitution, creates nothing but an environment where animosity and violence exist.  As George Washington so aptly observed, government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.