Western Libertarian News 2004

Western Libertarian News 2004
Ernest Hancock 
Date: 07-08-2010
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For Immediate Release: 06/22/04




For Immediate Release: June 12, 2004

L-Factor Candidates File for Federal, State, and Local Races!

Arizona Libertarians launched their campaigns this week

May 20th, 2004

The Memorial Weekend Anti-War Demonstration. Sponsored by the Western Libertarian Alliance

Saturday May 29th at 7:30am 9:00am, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Amsterdam/Stockholm/Copenhagen room

265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Featured speakers:Phoenix Radio Talk Show hosts:

Charles Goyette Charles went eye to eye with Clear Channel and refused to blink in his opposition to the war in Iraq. It ultimately cost him his job but he was back on the air with a more powerful station spreading the freedom message without missing a beat. Now he goes up against the "Windbags of War" Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity every day and will do the same at the Memorial Weekend Anti-War Demonstration!

Ernest Hancock Ernest has been a no-compromise hard core libertarian activist for over 15 years (which means he obviously opposes the Iraqi Police Action ). And then he was given a 50,000 watt microphone that covered over 90% of Arizona s population. Arizona hasn t been the same since he took to the airwaves in February of 2003.

Audience participation will be encouraged so that their voice is heard as well at this gathering of libertarians,&which means they do not support acts of aggression such as the War in Iraq.

The pre-emptive and wholly elective American invasion of Iraq cannot be justified within the confines of libertarian principles of using military force only for defense of the nation.

At the same time, in the same building, nationally syndicated pro Iraqi War talk show host Neal Boortz will be addressing libertarians attending the National Libertarian Party s national convention.

This free-market solution will provide an opportunity for libertarians in convention to demonstrate their convictions by choosing which event to attend.


02/18/04: (TUCSON, AZ) WLA submits arguments in opposition to the upcoming Pima County Bond election:

On behalf of Western Libertarian Alliance, Jessica Stealey submitted the following two arguments against Questions #1 and #3 the general obligation bond package that the Supervisors put up for a May 18 election.

More info on the bond package can be found at www.bondelection2004.pima.gov

Argument against Question #1


These bond questions are carefully framed to sound eminently reasonable after all, they're for good causes. As we all know, it's really easy to support good causes with other people's money. Especially when the bill is not due for 30 years.

Let's call these bonds what they really are - a tax on our children. Every year, the burden of government taxes and regulations on all levels grows, to the point where nearly half of our income is stolen, in return for various dubious "services" of questionable value. With the baby boomers set to retire, it's clear that Social Security and Medicare alone will bankrupt our children. Now the County wants to pile on and steal another half billion dollars from them.


If the goal is truly to preserve open space, there are much better ways of accomplishing this. As usual, this is a case of government trying to spend more money to fix problems created by … government.

How much does government spend creating and enhancing roads through the desert? How much is spent running new sewer and water lines to new developments? The best way to preserve open space is to stop stealing our tax money to subsidize development. The reason housing developments are built so cheaply is government gives tax money to developers to build them; let’s stop that practice immediately.

When government tries to fix something, it invariably worsens things. Witness the War on (Some) Drugs, the War on Poverty, or any of the myriad of wars that are waged in our name. Obviously the problem is too much government, so why ask us to believe that more government is the solution?

Vote NO on all bond questions.



Argument against Question #3


Pima County’s request for an additional $184 million for law enforcement infrastructure could not come at a more ironic point in history.

With a populace cowed by multiple threats (which, not coincidentally, are largely a result of government policy gone awry), a Federal Judicial branch either running amok or being trampled by edict of the Executive branch, government-encouraged neighbor-on-neighbor espionage, etc., the Supervisors wish to seize on the primal instincts (self-protection) of County residents in offering this bond measure for vote.

Western Libertarian Alliance issues the following challenge to Pima County residents: DON’T ORDER THE PORK.

Some will tell you that the “Feds” will likely pick up part of the tab through so-called “homeland security” enhancement funds. Our national liabilities are currently extended to the tune of “billions” and perhaps “trillions” of dollars to the military and so-called private “contractors”. With our ever-expanding campaign to achieve empire abroad, it is quite easy to see where “homeland security” fits into the equation. Besides an abhorrent piece of hastily passed federal legislation (ironically labeled the “USA PATRIOT” act), We the People have seen little benefit or none from the obscene amount of money expended on such efforts.

For your money, you can expect more of the same from the Pima County Sheriff and County Attorney. More enforcement of underage drinking on the campuses, and less enforcement of violent crime. Oh, and more stun-gun tortures of DUI suspects.

Way back in 2002, greater Tucson was experiencing a general decline in crime. What has happened in the meantime to merit $184 million in law enforcement INFRASTRUCTURE spending? NOTHING. Not to mention: how will we fund the staffing necessary to run these new facilities? Stay tuned for next year’s budget.



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