Image beamed back from Genesis in orbit
Image beamed back from Genesis in orbit

4th Anniversary of 1st Private Space Station
Powell Gammill 
Date: 07-12-2010
Subject: Space Travel and Exploration

July 12, 2010---Four years ago today Bigelow Aerospace launched the first private space station, named Genesis, into an orbit 130 miles higher than the International Space Station. The mainstream media having no directive from government ignores it orbiting above their heads to this day.

It is an amazing success.  It leaks even less atmosphere -- all atmosphere containing spacecraft do -- than predicted.  It has held up well to its multiple daily hot and cold cycles, and radiation exposure.  And continues to send back real-time video of both the outside and inside of the station.

Genesis 2 in orbit

A sister station, Genesis II, launched a year later also flawlessly successful to this day.

In fact both have been so successful that a third Genesis test bed station was canceled, and a full sized manned station is getting ready to launch in 2014, the Sundancer.
Artist concept, Sundancer and two BA330 modules linked