Portion of cover art for Jim Hogan's
Portion of cover art for Jim Hogan's "Rockets, Redheads & Revolution"

SF Author James P. Hogan R.I.P.
Jefferson Paine 
Date: 07-17-2010
Subject: Space Travel and Exploration

Science fiction author James P. Hogan passed away suddenly Tuesday morning at home. The cause isn't determined, but it was probably a heart attack. He was 69 years old.

Jim is survived by his wife, Sheryl, and his six children.

His work has typically carried a libertarian flavor, and his novel Voyage from Yesteryear also featured an economic/social system that was not only compatible with libertarianism, but was a plausible one for a technologically advanced society in which no one wants for anything material.

Jim was known for his penchant for underappreciated theories, especially in physics and cosmology. He was certainly fearless when it came to bucking the establishment view.
We're very sad to see him go.