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Date: 07-20-2010
Subject: Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Tuesday July 20th 2010
Finding Ways to Stay in Iraq


Sell Your Own Organs! (Before the
Government Does it for You)

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Sell Your Own Organs! (Before the Government Does it for You)
This week on The Invisible Hand podcast: Rich N Famous from BYBBTY (Because Your Body Belongs to You) wants to change the law so that people can profit from the sale of their own organs prior to their death. Presently the medical industry profits from organ donations, but the donors themselves are prohibited from gaining financially by law. Mr. Famous estimates that several trillion dollars could be generated right now for people who are willing to let their body parts be used after their death, and that governments are already planning on seizing these assets for themselves, possibly to use as collateral for loans, or for debt payment. He says that people should be free to make these contracts on their own, that governments have no right to tell you what to do with your body, and certainly no right to take from you what is yours. He's looking for people to help him with his cause. 
Reason Magazine
Who Owns Your Body Parts? Everyone's making money in the market for body tissue -- except the donors.  

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