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Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

Subject: Obama Administration

We are in pain because we are injured. Obama’s triumph over the U.S. Supreme Court is the cause of our injury, and the wound of the nation as well that’s difficult to heal.

The U.S. Supreme Court can hurt Obama and damage his administration beyond repair, except in one critical case " his fraudulent birth certificate which indicates that he is a usurper of the highest office of the land. In this case he is legally shielded and safe.

I take reference to this published report -- "Our New Dictator May Be In Deep Trouble".

This one is a good can-opener, can of worms that is. That the U.S. Supreme Court would slap Obama’s face and embarrass if not disfigure his administration’s image over those issues that the reporter had meticulously listed on this link is as sure as the sun always rising in the East. All the U.S. Supreme Court needs to do is see to it that in carrying out its constitutional mandate as a co-equal check-and-balance branch of the Federal Government, those "wise men" in black do not lose their balls, cower in fear and strike a deal with Obama in a self-preservation or self-feathering move.

Aside from this problem, here’s another troubling one. But first, let’s blow the dust off my years of practice of law and tackle this Herculean task: When rendering judgment, Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court position themselves as protagonists in both sides of the great divide. It is no longer a tangled judicial world but a political jungle out there where Obama has his own legal archers and spearmen in the bush. Besides, there is always a snake in the woods.

The hardest issue for the highest court of the land to decide is to hand down a judgment declaring Obama a usurper of the Office of the President of the United States when overwhelming evidences proved that he is not a natural born citizen. Among others, forgery is also a criminal offense if his birth certificate turns out to be fraudulent, etc.

My question then is … what court of the land would declare that this richest and mightiest nation on the planet is run by a bogus president? Would the bills he signed into law and the international documents and treaties he signed for and in behalf of the United States be declared null and void? If as a lawyer by oath of office I am obligated to answer these questions, I would hate to give the answer and I would disbar myself and escape this responsibility or refuse the call of the legal profession and be just as a layman.

And here’s why: The repercussions when Obama is declared a usurper of the highest office of the land are bigger than the U.S. Supreme Court, or even larger than life itself! Even as I ask those above-stated legal questions to myself, I close my eyes to the specter of Martial Law and possibly, civil war. More than 600,000 dead in that Great American Civil War [1861"1865] is a terrifying nightmare.

We might not be able to survive the next civil war because the outcome would be dreadfully horrendous. We are not using anymore stones and rocks, muskets, bayonets, knives and obsolete cannonballs to kill. We are now nuclear … push-button killers even as we germ the environment and contaminate the water we drink, and poison the air we breathe. We no longer kill " we obliterate anything standing, wipe out any living thing that breathes. We have become master of atomic, chemical and biological warfare. The world can attest to that.

So in rendering a critical verdict in this particular case [that Obama is a usurper], our Supreme Court Justices may hold on to their balls but even the gift of ultimate wisdom they may receive from Divine Providence may still be not enough to justify a judgment against Obama.

Because of this insurance of security shielding Obama, notice how Obama pooh-pooh those fraudulent birth certificate cases filed in court. When lampooned or harpooned in public as a usurper, he dismissed the vilest of all criticisms as if he was just wiping specks of mud off his boots.

His lack of concern and devil-may-care nonchalance are like grains of salt rubbed over my injury, and perhaps also on the wounds of others like me because in so far as Obama’s capture of the presidency is concerned, it is constitutionally Consummatus!

And that’s the cause of our injury, and the nation’s wound as well that’s difficult to heal.