Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Traditional American Thanksgiving Fare.
Meria Heller 
Date: 11-25-2010
Subject: Humor

(Satire News) This Thanksgiving while Americans over-eat (if they aren’t homeless or on food stamps) the U.S. is sending warships to So.Korea lining up another war, just in case we don’t have enough. The beginning of Thanksgiving was the annihilation of 12 million Native Americans who were responsible for saving the lives of the “pilgrims” who invaded their shores and stole all their wealth. The end result was putting the survivors in concentration camps called “reservations”. We had no reservations to kill the majority of them and steal their land.
True to form we are now doing the same in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon North Korea! Yay! Let’s celebrate the age old American tradition of plundering and destruction! Let’s not leave out Vietnam. This year unlike others America itself has been warred upon " economic wars, currency wars, wars on drugs, cancer, free thinkers, civil liberties and more! Get that turkey ready!
Keep in mind that South Korea fired the first shots over disputed waters. Keep in mind that we have colonized So Korea since WW2 with tens of thousands of soldiers occupying it. We’ve been there 60 years, and promise to be out of Afghanistan by 2014! You know that will NEVER happen. When we arrive, we arrive for good.
It is beyond time for Americans to study U.S. foreign policy through the ages to understand “why they hate us” and beg forgiveness of the world. It’s not my idea of America, is it yours? As Americans travel by air to visit their families this Thanksgiving they are being given the Gestapo treatment at the airports  in the “land of the free”. We’re not even free to move about the country. The true American spirit is one of revolution and a revolution of minds and hearts is called for and right now!
How do Native Americans, Iraqi’s, Afghanis and turkeys feel today?