Ed Vallejo
When Information and Disinformation Dovetail - What Then?  
Woke up to this e-mail from a concerned Reader that brings up an issue I had written off because I saw the same thing put out by a known 'Disinformationist':
Dear Editor,
I'd like to know why another question isn't being asked re the Tucson massacre. 

A Federal Judge--for Arizona--was killed. And yet he's only mentioned anywhere as just another victim. Here's the question: Why is there possibly no connection being made that about 72 hours before he was killed, on Friday, he issued a critical "preliminary ruling" against the Obama administration to prevent them from acting on an FDR Executive Order (6102), which allowed the government to seize personal savings when no proof of a crime was committed?  ("USA v. $333,520.00 in US Currency et al", Case number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed Nov 30, 2010). My first question was: Who was the actual target, Giffords or Roll? or both (conveniently at the same place)?

While the possibility that Loughner was under mind control has been disparaged in the press, the knowledge of the existence of such a program, and known past CIA/FBI involvement in such incidents, why would there not be the possible question of a connection? 

Too hot a potato? The word's out "don't dare?"

Why does a deeper search for truth--even with the possibility of the above being it or not--never seem to occur? Just angry, if justified, reactivity (brilliantly written piece by Mr. Pitts) and acceptance of the first, and generally superficial, "analysis" (and I use that word loosely). And then hours of repetitious blathering and speculation and opinionating by ignorant anchors.

We deserve better. We deserve the truth, "the whole truth," like it or not; government, Obama's included, has become far too cloaked in secrecy, and woe to those who disagree. I long for the day when journalism once again shines the light, rather than supporting the cloak of darkness. (holding breath....holding....holding....)

Thank you.
Oakland CA

I did not receive this from the author in Oakland, but a close friend here in Phoenix that had mentioned this same info the day before sending this.  I had seen the same information tweeted out by APFN1 (Kenneth L. Vardon):

APFN- Top US Federal Judge Assassinated After Threat
which I immediately looked at, and the article is by Sorcha Faal, who is a known disinformationist that has been busted putting out bad info many times in the past, and is an 'initial warning sign' the info provided is not trustworthy.
Yahoo shows 24 instances of the term "Case number: 4:2010cv00703", and they all refer to the same info
I also sent what I had to my Publisher Ernie Hancock and my Senior Editor Powell Gammill, but I haven't heard back from either yet.
I'll post whatever additional information on this subject in the comments section here as I receive them.