Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

Congressman Ron Paul In Phoenix, Arizona and Straw Poll Joke
Date: 2011-02-27
Subject: r3VOLution Continues

 Dear Editor,

Ron Paul has done a great service to us by bringing the issue of the crime ring known as the federal reserve to the forefront of public attention.  There is no doubt the wealth of America has been stolen largely due to the so-called fed.  But this is not the whole picture.  While we slept, or rather watched football and soap operas, our cities, towns, counties, states and other government entities, have been quietly replaced with for-profit corporations that have been making a LOT of money at our expense.  This massive profit and the investment income it is generating, is NOT on the budget-related books of the government entities.  It is not mentioned when states, like California, for example, complain they are broke, and have to raise taxes and fees and eliminate services.  The public is not supposed to know that the states, cities, counties, water and school districts, and other levels of government entities are RICH!.  Where is all the money?  On a report they all issue called the CAFR report.  You can begin to learn about it on the video available on the site www.thecorporationnation.com.  After carefully watching this movie, go to www.cafr1.com and see the movie called The Only Game In Town.  If this is not immediately and nationally exposed, the supposed poverty of the government entities will be used as a pretext to invite the federal agents in to openly run everything, i.e. martial law for real.  Does Ron Paul have the guts to deal with this issue, or is he only allowed to go so far?  That would make him officially "controlled opposition," and I hope that is not the case.  Every media outlet in the country needs to be relentlessly pressured to cover this issue, or it will be too late.  Please take this seriously and do your part.