Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Subject: Propaganda

This story about Schaefer Cox and friends is just another pile of dung put together by the Feds because they had to silence those not afraid of the terrorist in the Government. This story has no more truth than the one they put together about Edger Steele plotting to have his wife and mother in law killed. Expert witness for that case can prove that the audio tape of Edger were fabricated by the Feds.

They want to put Schaefer away because he will not bow to the New World Order crowd 

Ernest, I can't believe you put stories out like this without some kind of disclaimer.

I have heard Schaefer talk on conference calls and he does not strike me as one to be involved in a plot to kill anyone. He only wants the Government to respect what is rightfully ours and that is freedom.

All you have to do is go to youtube.com and type in Schaefer's name and you will find many video's with him speaking to various crowds and you will see, he is not about violence., but he not about being run over by a out of control government either.