You may want Iodine

You may want Iodine
Sierra Hancock 
Date: 03-17-2011
Subject: Japan - Earthquake Tsunami Radiation

No one knows for sure if the nuclear disaster in Japan will cause fallout
that reaches the US. However, should the nuclear plant melt down,
prevailing wind patterns will cause any such cloud of fallout to reach us
within a few days.

If we are hit by fallout, it will contain radioactive iodine which will be
taken in and absorbed by the thyroid gland. This could lead to anything
from acute radiation poisoning to greatly increased future cancer risk. The

way to prevent this is to saturate the thyroid with non-radioactive iodine
so that your body will simply excrete the radioactive variety if you are
exposed. To saturate the thyroid you need to begin taking large doses of
iodine NOW.

You can still get a good iodine supplement for a reasonable price here:


I've been taking 50 mg per day (approx. 3 drops, 3 times daily in a small
glass of water) The 1 oz. bottle should last about 3 months at that rate.
It might be good to work up to that gradually until your body adjusts to
this large intake of iodine. I'd say start with one drop three times a day
for a couple days, then two drops three times a day for a couple more
before taking the full 3 drop three times a day dose.

As luck would have it I began taking this iodine supplement about 6 weeks
ago just because it is a fact that most Americans are woefully deficient in

this necessary mineral. See this article for more info in that regard:


I hope you will take this preventive recommendation to heart. I believe
that healthy friends and family are the best kind.

- Mike