Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Subject: Propaganda

I am appalled when angry critics make an "enemy" of the Government. This misdirection of anger is a wasteful exercise of many Libertarians’ energy that we are sadly witnessing, at least here in this website if not all over the Internet .

The Government is a permanent fixture of our democratic society. It is the invisible replica of our body politicks. It’s existence is absolutely imperative to our kind of democracy which is not only undeniable, but also unassailable, and indestructible.

When angry revolutionaries cry their heart out to get rid of a "faulty" Government, they are actually referring to the people that run the Government. These are "legislators, administrators, and arbitrators in the administrative bureaucracy who control a State at a given time, and to the system of government by which they are organized." [1]

It is through these "people" that the "policy" of the State is enforced. The gubernare [Latin] is the mechanism of the State which together is immutable in our way of life.

We can always get rid of these "people" in many constitutional ways, i.e, through the ballot and recall, but not the Government and the State that comprise the System. We cannot abolish the State or the Government. For us to do it is to change the System, and to change the System is to change our democratic way of life that we know today, say, from Democracy to absolute Dictatorship or to a Communist way of life. Perhaps only the Left or the enemy within would want this physical as well as ideological transformation as badly as their furious anti-government outrage and the seriousness of their anti-State wrath indicate.

Ergo, it is not the System that deserves the sword but the evil "people" that under our courts of law have to be sent to the gallows.

However, our Justice System has also some flaws. For example, in this land’s court of last resort " the U.S. Supreme Court " Justices are appointed by a partisan Chief Executive, the President of the United States who is the titular head of either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, and confirmed by a partisan Congress. Under this situation, being grateful to their benefactors, is the Justices’ human weakness, not their strength of character.

Thus the "Liberal" and "Conservative" members of the nation’s highest bench, most often than not, come out with what is known as a "political" decision that favors their partisan inclination. It is a very much fractured dispensation of justice.

Through constitutional amendments we can mend this broken part of our Justice System, short of destroying or sans abolishing the entire Justice System, which only the enemy within, in their dream, would like to see happen within their lifetime.

So take stock of it " it is the "people", not the Government that spoils the System. We can always live a better life if our national energy is not wasted by misdirecting it to something which is not.