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911: Don't Ask, Don't Tell  
Don't think about anything but the heroes of 911.  Don't think about the law ... the laws of physics.  Don't think about the probabilities.  Don't think about the negligence, incompetence and criminal activity beyond that of the terrorists, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Taliban and al-Qiada.  Don't think.  Just wave the flag and cheer loudly for the heroes of 911.

Don't ask where the hell our vaunted US military, particularly the Air Force was, that we had paid dearly for in our earnings for decades on that day.  Don't ask where our intelligence services that we had paid dearly for in earnings for decades were on that day. 

Don't ask why we invaded Iraq and occupied that non-belligerent nation to this day.

Don't ask why we refused to  show the Afghan government our evidence that Osama bin Ladin was involved in the attack when we demanded they hand him over.  Don't ask why the FBI never added those charges to his wanted poster.  Don't ask why we invaded Afghanistan.  Don't ask why we murdered Osama bin Ladin in his bed rather than interrogate the greatest terrorist intelligence asset at our leisure.

Don't ask why no one has ever taken credit for 911.  The most successful attack on the USA since 1941.  You'd think someone would be proud.  Al-Qiada bragged about their patriots of the 1993 attack on the WTC.

Don't ask how cell phone calls were made at 40,000 feet.  How a heroic Hollywood script story of passengers bringing down their flight and saving the Whitehouse was produced by the US government in less than 24 hours of the attack.  What was it based upon?  Ooops, don't ask that!

Don't ask how they had the list of the 19 hijackers so fast.  Or that several of them are still alive. 

Don't ask about then Sec. of Transportation Mineta's claim---which he sticks by to this day--that Flight 93 was shot down by our military on Cheney's orders.

Don't ask how four of the worst pilots a ground school never qualified for even basic abilities on a single engine Cessna, managed to turn around and fly four massive twin engine commercial jets and fly three of them into the two World Trade Center towers AND the Pentagon.

Don't think about how the US government declared the Whitehouse was the target of the fourth plane mere hours after it crashed in Pennsylvania.

Don't ask how three high rise buildings--two with non-traditional construction--managed to be turned into concrete dust and molten steel within seconds and at near free fall speeds miraculously falling into their own footprints.  What do we hire demolition experts for if they can so easily be brought down?

Oooop, a question, sorry.

Don't wonder about the passport that survived the impact, miraculously surviving shredding impact at 500mph out of the shredded coat pocket of a hijacker, a flaming inferno of kerosene, plastic and paper, a huge free fall of grinding and burning debris to land and be discovered lying atop a mountain of debris unscathed.

Don't ask about the 12 foot hole in the Pentagon matching the fuselage with no sign of wing impact or impact of the two massive engines that constituted the bulk of the mass in motion.  They neatly folded in and tucked into the fuselage along with the engines without leaving a scratch.

Don't ask about the incredible piloting ability of the worst of the four ill trained Cessna pilot hijackers executing maneuvers that exceeded the structural capabilities of the aircraft and the piloting skills of all experienced Boeing 757 pilots.  Don't asks about the lack of any evidence of a jet inside the Pentagon, any passenger bodies, or even scratches on the lawn.

Don't ask about the greatest crime scene in history being scraped up and disposed of starting the next day.  Why people finding or possessing any scrap of material from those three crime scenes are maliciously prosecuted for such possession to this day while the confiscated "evidence" is discarded.

Don't ask about the confiscated videos from around the Pentagon that have yet to be release.

Don't ask about the lack of investigations into the cause, letdowns, incompetences, improbabilities and reasons behind the attack of 911.  Don't ask why the only investigation was discredited two years after publication by the chair and vice chair of the committee in their book.

Indeed, don't ask about any of the material used to produce government reports of the crime that remains unavailable to the light of public inspection to this day.

Just ask, 'Where can I get some of these?'