Jefferson Paine
Why Ron Paul Will Win the Nomination  
Ron Paul won't run as an independent. He will win the GOP nomination because he COULD run as an independent.

Ron Paul of course can't talk at all about running as an independent if he loses the GOP nomination. It would make his campaign seem defeatist and insignificant.

But his supporters CAN, and should.

Why? Because

      (1) it will improve his chances FOR the nomination, and

      (2) it could force voters to vote for him in the general election.

Right now, voters are faced with three choices:

       Obama disaster at breakneck speed,

      NeoCon disaster a bit slower, and

      Changing direction with hope for salvation with Ron Paul.

If Ron runs as an independent, there will be only TWO realistic choices.

Why? Because no NeoCon nominee will be able to win with Ron running.

      That means a clear choice between disaster and hope.

      Informed and rational voters will be forced to vote for Ron Paul.

There are two more ways to increase Ron's chances as an independent AND as the eventual nominee.

      The Libertarian and Constitution parties, perhaps along with others, could pass in convention resolutions to the effect that, should Ron run under any circumstances, their nominees will drop out and endorse Ron. That would be huge.

      Next, voters can learn how to free their votes, now held hostage by the major parties thanks to a "lesser of two evils" mentality.

The simple concept is explained in detail at VoteBuddy.com, but the idea is this:

      A recalcitrant Republican and a disillusioned Democrat pledge to each other that they will dump the major parties and vote at last according to their consciences, whether or not they support the same 3rd party or independent candidate. I think most would be delighted at the chance to vote for Ron without harming their preference in the horserace between the two “majors.”


      Voters who understand this will support Ron for the GOP nomination with unprecedented fervor. With the imprimatur of the Republican Party, along with the support from other parties mentioned above, Ron would have an insurmountable voting bloc.


IMNSHO, this argument needs to go viral.


Kent Van Cleave

Founder, VoteBuddy.com