The Banks Purposely and Strategically defaulted on America in 2008...
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 12-09-2011
Subject: Housing

Now it's our time to strategically 'non-default' back on them, by quit paying this week! - Occupy Your Home And Regain Financial Independence

By Patrick Henry
Here is a scenario that my friend Brian recently experienced.
Four years ago, Brian purchased his family's home for its ridiculous, phony 'appraisal' of $350K.  Two months ago, Brian still had a burdensome $340,000 left on his pretender-loan, against his severely upside down home, which, even if he could sell it at current retail pricing, his home would maybe sell for $210K in today's bank-depressed market, with an additional $20,000 in 'realty fees' losses.  Upside down and effectively bankrupt, just like Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Government Motors were in 2008!
Brian researched and discovered he can now 'buy'; this same-sized house or even floorplan down the street, through several available vacating foreclosures ranging between $87,000 to $142,000, down his street, or - even in a completely better neighborhood.  Sadly, many of these foreclosed homes were completely abandoned vacant by several families too tired, or too uninformed, not to get on Livinglies.wordpress.com, and occupyourhomes.org/ and consistently fight against the many immoral bank wrongs foisted upon them.
1.  To initially offer his current pretender servicer bank $32-55K, and 'settle' for $87K.  Then use a pre-arranged no-qualify PRIVATE 'hard money' loan from a private lender, to payoff this final 'settlement' amount.  A much smaller $87K legal loan is now on his house.
2.  Brian identified all the homes being abandoned in his neighborhood or even better neighborhoods.  Brian also watched for 'moving' yard sales.  Out of American moral decency, he tells them all first about the many opportunities for resisting illegal foreclosure on Living Lies.  If his neighbors still don't wish to resist corruption, and are moving out of town, back to mommy's anyway, he then offers these former neighbors, who are abandoning their pre-foreclosed home, $1,000 cash for a quit claim deed for all its alleged 'upside down' equity.  In other words, each of us  have to be willing to 'Occupy our Freedoms' and 'Occupy our home', or lose it to a non- owner bank anyway.
Then Brian moves in this new vacated home and then immediately purchases and mails off the laymen letters to their bank, orders the combo package for pre-discovery chain of title, then sues their bank(s) for quiet title, and then offers to aggressively settle for $56K, then actually ends up settling with their bank for $87K with $3,000 down, with that bank causing 'rewriting' by replacing the null note and deed of trust for $84K new note @2% within a tax-free court settlement, to wipe away all the bank's civil illegalities.   As an intricate part of this 'settlement', the bank carries the alleged 'balance' of this new note, no real qualifying, no silly, needless 'asset' disclosures.  Brian also demands this bank buy him new title insurance (particularly against any pretender recorded encumbrances)1; a court-settlement-agreed to NO deficiency; as well as recorded bank indemnification of Brian from any other claims from all comers, forever. 
Either way, whether within his old home, his new one, or both, Brian has just wiped off $263K of principle debt OFF his life, which AT INTEREST, over the next 30 years, his $263K would have been about triple, or about $650,000 cash less to the pretender bank!
By saving $650,000 in this two-step, strategic non-default, Brian has just taken 20 years off his working life, even during one of the greatest modern American depressions.  Brian can now pay off his new small $84K note off in about 10 lousy years!   Then, during the next 20 following years, Brian puts his entire former house payment amounts, into his hard-metal2 money retirement and new family adventures, and starts spending masses of more fun time with his precious kids and smiling wifey. 
Brian will have to earn wayless from now on, with his wife now able to completely quit work and properly raise their kids - so now Brian will now also be paying about $200K less in Federal Reserve-interest, ie. 'income taxes' as well over those 30 years too3!  Brian has now decided to take his family on two major 30-day vacations each year, and get his kids better private or home schooling with all this extra time and money4...  His money.  His time.
ALL JUST because Brian decided to "strategically non-default" on his current pretender lender - similarly as these same banks did to his countrymen and America in 2008!
To assist aggressive pre-settlement with the scared-to-get-caught bank, Brian ordered the laymen letters from LivingLies Store, specifically modified to that lender and sent them to both his current bank, as well as, to the bank on his new quitclaimed home.  This gave both banks many more valid reasons to settle, because each bank wanted to cover-up its foreclosure and assignment frauds, and keep the OCC from finding out about their continuing, non-stop violations of the OCC's April 2011 Consent Orders!
This entire time, even though Brian had quit paying both of his pretender house 'payments', Brian was in "non-default", because the pretender servicer bank was not the real party in interest; and further, the loan's note and mortgage/deed of trust were separated from each other, when securitized (tax-free) years ago, making them null, per the often-cited U.S. Supreme Court decision, Carpenter v. Longan.5
The servicing bank wisely wanted to cover-up this nullity, and they had already received yet another a taxpayer bailout6 for all the investor losses they caused anyway, which further flagrantly violated the 'Collateral Source' rule against Brian.
The ugly burden of American's financial-crime's depression, now moved from Brian's family, over to the soulless 'United Banks of America', where they belonged!
A win-win situation for Brian and America!
These rotten banks defaulted on our America in 2008, and then received $16 Trillion+ in taxpayer-backed bailouts secured by 'taxes' upon Brian's three jobs. 
In contrast, like Brian, let's now mimic the bank's cunning example - against them,  and strategically 'non-default' on them, by not paying them anymore, when we are severely upside down.
We the People are too big to fail, not these Ponzi banks and their fiat money.
As free-enterprise Americans, "Our word is good as our bond".  So, although we still pay all our real debts that we borrow from friends and people who actually worked for the money they lent us - we cannot, and should not, pay the bank's Ponzi-scheme pretender non-worked-for created-out-of-thin-air 'debts' - 14,000 times bigger than Bernie Madoff's schemes, to the tune of $705,000,000,000,000.00 Dollars3.  Which is also 14 times bigger than the world's entire money supply.  Mission impossible!  Why even try?
Like Brian, quit paying, when you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in principle and interest over these next 30 years of your life.
Get a new life. ... Time for your family, friends, and your young dreams! 
Strategically non-default!
Like Brian, are you 'upside down' more than a few thousand dollars?  Is there little or no foreclosure deficiency in your state on your primary home?  Then like Brian, it may make great sense to:
Sell or transfer most of your non-exempt other assets like the congressmen, to irrevocable trust(s) for the kids as beneficiaries when you pass.  Take out all but a few $100 cash out of banks and deposit accounts like CD's, 401K's, stocks, etc, so they can't be electronically plucked from anyone.
Become an expert about your state's thresholds of non-deficiency, debt exemptions, and most importantly, your state's homestead exemption amounts.  Get on the internet and study your state.  Quickly become an expert at these numbers, like the banks, and able to repeat these in your sleep.
Have your lawyer or yourself purchase and send the laymen letters to your banks.  Put the pretender servicer banks on notice, that you are onto their wrongful loan servicing, foreclosure frauds, assignment frauds, etc.  Brian believes every loan negotiation with a bank should be done from an very aggressive legal-mitigation position for the pretender bank.  The bank needs to know they done real wrong, and you now know it.
Greatly lowball bid the foreclosures in neighborhoods you would like to live in.  Start bids very low at perhaps 20% of current foreclosure value, say about $32K, then perhaps work up to $87K, in what was once an old $350K neighborhood. 
If your credit is still good, use your current home as a new rental for qualification, before you quit paying pretender payments on it.  If your credit is bad, no problem.  Skip this minor and unnecessary step #5.
If your credit is not good, so what.  Pre-arrange for a PRIVATE asset-only-based 'hard money' loan to accomplish the same lowball purchase, with a considerably temporary higher interest rate, until you can refinance it after two to three years. Be wise and avoid prepayment penalties that persist over a year and other weird quirks.  Unlike the last time you signed, read and understand all of the fine print.
Complete purchase - and prepare to move in your new same, or even better home!
Then, quit paying your pretender lender on your old home, and save all the rent7 money for your future in gold and silver coin.  (Boycott the banks, don't put it in there or they may sneakily attempt to back-charge or confiscate your money, through their account-agreement's fine print).
Study and use LivingLies strategies as a part-time job, to prolong the pretender's bank's fear of doing wrongful foreclosure.  Keep collecting rents.  Store all your rent recoupment of your down payments and other misallocated payments in gold and silver coins.  Don't let the bank get at them.  Get good at securely hiding them in various places, like your smart great-grandfather did in the 1929 Depression, against his era's banking and political evils.  (same ones).
Eventually sue the pretenders for quiet title on your old home for nullity, or let your old home go to a deserving needy homeless family for a few months, under the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009.
Sit down with your family and strategize your new financial life together. 
Rebuild your closeness and dreams.  As some wise books say: "Make a Memory" with them!  Lots of them - You have the time and money now8.
Get better schooling, even if you have to do it yourself.  Teach, and keep your kids out of the drafts for unconstitutional foreign wars, paid for with all this phony bank interest.  Your kids and grandkids are worth more than every 'leader's' temporal, turf-dominance power trips.
Buy months of extra food for any future grocery store disruptions.
 Teach your understanding, good-quality friends how to do the same!
With this extra time, let's all work to cancel ALL bank residential mortgages in America for nullity and fraud.  This effort is also a major non-party political movement to preserve America by preserving families stability, by preserving their real financial independence - completely divorced and independent of the phony fiat financial system.3
Let's also all work to completely replace our worthless fiat, Ponzi, inflationary paper money, with gold and silver coin, as our Constitution demands.  Real slavery will never end, until we do.
Let's rebuild our American character, financial independence, and fun times together.
Let's then rebuild our American dream and liberty, as out founding fathers created, not as 'interpreted' by the gird.
We have nothing to lose, but our chains...
                                                                               ...and about 60 great vacations!
Print and reread this a few times over days, until you really start to understand it.
Freedom is not free.
Implementing Brian's strategy hard this year, will save many of you 20-Years of Interest and Hard Work
Indict the Big Bankers With Your New-Found Financial Freedom and Activism Today
1 Brian's new home-title here is actually fully valid, because the pre-foreclosure actual recorded owner quit claimed to Brian for $1,000 consideration.  Only unresolved or phony liens of pretender banks are to be the resolved issue from this point forward.
2 Precious Metals are real gold and real silver in  hand.  Do not get lazy, insecure, or greedy, and buy 'paper' gold.  It is estimated there is a least 20 times of phony bank 'paper' gold, than that which actually mined over entire history of the earth.  Take physical possession simultaneously at purchase with green cash, and squirrel away within many separate well-thought out holes.  Do not store in banks.  Thereby resist later confiscation by corrupt political fads such as was done in 1934.  http://www.trendsresearch.com/SubscriberArea/pt-1-2-gerald-celente-infowars-nightly-news-28-nov-2011
3 And you wonder why the federal and most state governments are recklessly, desperately, and artificially keeping 'home prices up' and covering up these bank crimes across the nation and world, over the last four years, even though they've read and catalogued the masses of banker crimes on LivingLies everyday!  They all know what is going on in every detail.  They are all a part of it, so the scam and its huge revenue schemes from Brian's three jobs, won't lessen, till he discovers his grave around age 85.   Most of the government, all of the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, AIG, City of London, Bohemian Grove, and all medium+-sized banks fully participate in this financial criminal cover-up, day after day.
For you to attempt to pay off their phony $705 Trillion in Derivatives bearing interest, you and your kids will work 10,000 generations to pay it off!  Contrary to the history books, slavery has yet to end in this world.  The beginning of the 21st Century unfortunately is one of slavery, if everyone doesn't pull a 'Brian'-type strategic non-default on them.  All the work product of this entire world was fraudulently and effectively bought' without one-hour's real work, including all of your family's generations of toil by writing the dollars to buy it on a piece of paper!  Their debt is phony.  Boycott all big banks and all their octopus's tentacles, political and business. 
4 Teenage Liberation Handbook - Finding educational freedom and life's better purpose for your kids through learned self-directed study, contemplation, and play.  http://www.amazon.com/Teenage-Liberation-Handbook-School-Education/dp/0962959170
5 Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. 271, at 274 (1872).  “The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident.  An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity”.   This major black letter mortgage case has been used extensively by modern courts over the last three years.  Null means void.
6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlEZDDwKv7o  OneWest Bank Taxpayer Bailout Scheme Expose on Youtube, from Frank & Brian of Think Big, Work Small.
7 Rents - you cannot pay rents to a non-real party in interest pretender lender.  They have no legitimate claim to the mortgage contract language out of a null mortgage/deed of trust document.  Summarily kick out all your renters who attempt to misuse the bank's devious threat letters and visits, not to pay you.  Disclose the unresolved dispute with the bank in your leases.  Throughout the foreclosure process, you still have at least full possessory ownership, that you can rent out during  this possessory interest, even past foreclosure.  The pretender bank can finally disclose the real party in interest so you can see if their note and mortgage were separated per Carpenter v. Longan.  This would be the only party with a claim to the Mortgage contract language.  'Possessory' legal definition at:
8 "Brian" and his wife now hang out with her kids regularly, "making memories".  Her kids are still wondering how they escaped that windowless 12-year prison. Brian's wife now donates 6 hours on various weeks to her favorite charity, as she no longer has to work.  She also helps out LivingLies.wordpress.com, emailing it to all her friends, and volunteers for other real freedom causes with some of her free time!  She even had time to make a small backyard garden for self-reliance.  Mission accomplished!
Closely-related videos and info:
Economic Expose Movie: Freedom to Fascism 1:50 hours:  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4747043279458267117
Note - Do NOT try Brian's approach on private, non-securitized, or non bank-fractional-reserve mortgages.  For free enterprise capitalism to survive (in contrast to misnamed, monopolistic 'capitalism'), our private word needs to be good as our bond,-  If in trouble, attempt to settle or bankrupt honorably with  innocent non-federal-reserve private creditors.  Save America's non-bank-tied markets from corruption and default.
Print this article, save in your Documents, and retain for regular instructional reference.  You can do it!

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