Frosty Wooldridge
California: America’s first failed state  
In 1965, California housed a reasonable 15 million people.  No traffic jams, little air pollution and everyone spoke English.  Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, ended at the Santa Monica Pier.  Americans drove to Yosemite National Park for a delightful weekend of hiking.  Tony Bennett sang, “I left my heart in San Francisco.”
California ranked among the top five educational systems in America. Hollywood produced incredible movies with Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, John Wayne, Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Jane Russell.  I loved Gary Cooper.  Bing Crosby sang away our troubles and Bob Hope laughed away our cares.
Few criminals plied the streets of cities in California.  Everyone pledged their allegiance to the United States of America and our stars and stripes.  Skiers and surfers plied the waves and moguls.
But in 1965, something happened in the Halls of Congress called the “Immigration Reform Act” pushed by the late Teddy Kennedy that changed the 200,000 annual incoming immigrants from compatible countries to 1.2 million third world immigrants annually.  Senator Howard Metzenbaum said, “He let the flood gates wide open.”
Within 40 years, the United States galloped from193 million people to 315 million in 2012.  Kennedy’s bill will add another 138 million people  by 2050-a scant 38 years from now. From a net exporter of oil, we now import 7 out of 10 barrels at a cost of trillions of dollars.  Kennedy’s egregious mistake changed the ethnic, linguistic and cultural foundation of America into what we see in California today. Also, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Detroit and New York.
His single act changed the entire history of America from success to utter and growing chaos on multiple levels.
California reached a mind-blowing 38 million people in 2011.  It adds 1,655 people net gain daily.  It adds over 400 vehicles  24/7 on its already crushed highways. (Source: www.CapsWeb.org)  California expects to add 20 million people within 30 years. 
What is driving that kind of growth?  Over 10-12 million legal immigrants in California were born abroad.  Immigrants birth 900,000 babies annually.  (www.cis.org , Dr. Steven Camarata) Something in the range of 4 to 5 million illegal immigrants live and work in California. Most do not pay taxes and others pay on forged identification.
For every added person, 25.4 acres of land must be destroyed to build homes, schools, roads, malls and everything else to support that person.  Known as “ecological footprint”, it destroys wilderness and arable land. Thus, California leads the country in animal and plant extinction rates. 
Worse, California with its seething, hungry human mob sucks up so much water from the Colorado River that it fails to reach the ocean.  As it adds another 20 million people, it will destroy millions upon millions of acres of farm land.
On the educational front, over 100 languages now paralyze California school systems.  From the top five states in education, California sank to the bottom five in the United States.  English has become a foreign language in California.
As to crime, MS-13 gangs work with the 20,000 member “18th Street Gang” to power drugs, guns and other contraband into the streets of America.  Pot farms grow in national parks.
As to cultural breakdown, California now features major Mexican cock fighting organizations throughout the state.  Police caught one group of 300 Mexicans last week as they roared and screamed at their blood sport:
In Freemont, California, the call to worship for its dominant Muslim immigrant audience heralds from the growing network of Mosques.  Women’s rights degrade, female genital mutilation grows, arranged marriages are commonplace and honor killings take place.  (Covered up by the liberal press, of course.)
Yosemite features wall to wall crowds that make any chance for a wilderness experience a hike into human dominated wilderness frenzy. 
Most of the children born in California today feature Mexican parents living on American welfare.  The EBT program or Electronic Benefits
Transfers rewards single mothers unlimited financial support for every baby they produce.  And they produce them by the tens of thousands.  One mother said on a recording, “I get everything for free…I don’t know why anyone would want to work in America.” Write me at frostyw@juno.com and I will send you the live video of the interview.
Thus, California runs a $24 billion debt that cannot be paid.  Ultimately, California will bankrupt into chaos.  It suffers from a Faustian Bargain that degrades into Hobson’s Choice.
With so many languages, so many ethnic tribes and so many cultures fighting for dominance in California, how will it survive the next 20 million added people?  The TV journalist Bill Moyers asked the famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, “Which is the greater danger - nuclear warfare or the population explosion?
“The latter absolutely!” said Asimov.  “To bring about nuclear war, someone has to DO something; someone has to press a button. To bring about destruction by overcrowding, mass starvation, anarchy, the destruction of our most cherished values"there is no need to do anything. We need only do nothing except what comes naturally"and breed. And how easy it is to do nothing."

Asimov followed up with a penetrating reality check brought about by overpopulation: “...democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it. As you put more and more people into the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters.”
California will become our first third world country within our country.  It pretty well has reached that status in 2012.  It’s a failing state like Mexico.  Corruption is a mechanism by which a third world country operates.  Illiteracy drives a failed state. California defines that reality.
I suspect that Houston, Chicago, Detroit and other heavily dominated immigrant cities will follow California.  How come I see this “thing” accelerating and most Americans apathetically sit by and do nothing? Our kids will curse our inaction and historians will laugh at the stupidity of mass immigration, diversity and multiculturalism as it took the greatest country in the world down to its knees.  Tragically, we did nothing to stop it.
To show you where we’re headed in-depth, read Pat Buchanan’s epic work: Suicide of a Superpower.