Ron Paul upside Down
Ron Paul upside Down

Ron Paul upside down Gonna Fly Now
Morpheus Titania 
Date: 01-31-2012
Subject: Ron Paul Says...

http://bankonRon.com  Rip off this video post it to your channel with different name and send to all your friends.  Post Video Response to this video!  RonPaul is going to WIN. 
Its a bit of a stretch however it will happen, we will win.   It's 2012 people anything can happen. It's up to us all to make it happen.   Put the Rocky theme in the video!  Let's make this song go #1 on amazon!  Ron Paul is doing his part ask yourself:  "Am I doing everything I can do personally to make is happen.  They are weak, We are STRONG!.  They are the cowards! Now get out there and Rock and roll the bones... Get Busy!