Obama Doesn’t Want You to Read This

Obama Doesn’t Want You to Read This
Ernest Hancock 
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Date: 03-28-2012
Subject: Books

American Breaking Point
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New York Times best-selling author of the Dollar Meltdown, Charles Goyette just released his newest exposé, RED AND BLUE AND BROKE ALL OVER: Restoring America’s Free Economy.

A fearless champion of liberty, peace and prosperity, Goyette doesn’t sugarcoat the truth in his newest book. He reveals the real culprit of America’s crippled recovery: Washington.

And then he takes it one step further, revealing what America needs to do to become prosperous again: Get the government out of the picture. Read a FREE Excerpt Now!<!-- WP_SPACEHOLDER -->

"There are two paths forward for America: towards fascism and poverty, or capitalism and prosperity. I don’t need to tell you what route we are presently taking. But thanks to national treasure Charles Goyette, we now have a handbook for fixing what ails us: RED AND BLUE AND BROKE ALL OVER: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Read it for yourself and your family. Then pass the word to your neighbors and friends. This book can change our future. And how desperately we need that."

--Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Chairman and CEO, the Ludwig von Mises Institute

Read a FREE excerpt now.

Obama Doesn’t Want You to Read This

By Charles Goyette

"No government will want its citizens to read this book. Because, in a nutshell, Goyette’s thesis for how individuals are to once again become prosperous: ‘The government must stop.’"

"Powell Gammill, Freedom’s Phoenix

America is at a crossroads.

We, as Americans, will determine if we continue down the same path"one littered with government regulations and mandates that strip away our freedom and prosperity"or if we choose a different path, a path back to the foundation our great country was built upon: "the land of the free."

The Path to Destruction

The facts are clear…

6 million homes are delinquent on their mortgages or in foreclosure. We can thank banks"central, investment and commercial alike"that securitized risky collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).

$1.2 trillion is spent on the National Security State each year. Add that up since the Bush administration, and you can easily see why we have $15.5 trillion in visible debt.

12.8 million Americans are unemployed today, with the unemployment rate holding steady at 8.3%"depression-era levels.

One out of seven Americans is on food stamps"that’s 46 million people! But contrary to Newt Gingrich calling Obama the "food stamp president," more Americans were added to the food stamp rolls under Bush.

And yet, the intellectual centers, the powers that be who decide when we’re in a recession and out of a recession stated that the mortgage-induced recession that began in December 2007 ended in June 2009.

June 2009? How out of touch from reality are these people?

It’s time to face the facts. We’re going backwards not forwards in this country. And we cannot continue down this destructive path any longer if we’re serious about turning America around.

What Can We Do?

Both parties are to blame for the fading American Dream. Republican and Democrat career politicians alike would rather pointlessly argue and fling mud, than enact real and effective change. No wonder a feeling of disenfranchisement is growing.

The time has come for a dramatic solution.

It is time to expose and stop Washington’s destructive agenda before it does us any more harm.

And that is the number-one reason why I wrote my new book, RED AND BLUE AND BROKE ALL OVER: Restoring America’s Free Economy.

In it, you’ll discover…

How increasing government debt and inflationary manipulations will bring down the dollar, which is already in decline. How the longstanding practice of crony capitalism"the strong ties between bankers, corporate executives, and their buddies and former colleagues in high government posts"strangles our economy. Why we need to reign in overseas spending and end American interventionism, before we meet the same fate as The Roman Empire, Napoleon’s France, the Soviet Union, and every other empire in history. Why freedom works and why the state doesn’t. Left to flourish on their own, spontaneous, self-organizing systems can and will restore our prosperity. Read a FREE Excerpt Now!<!-- WP_SPACEHOLDER -->

Read a FREE excerpt now.

For your freedom and prosperity,

Signed Charles Goyette

Charles Goyette

P.S. America has been drug down the path of destruction for far too long. It is time to choose a different path.

My new book, RED AND BLUE AND BROKE ALL OVER: Restoring America’s Free Economy, will not only pull back the curtain on our government’s reckless agenda"it will also reveal the real path to recovery.

Order your copy today.

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