Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

Subject: TAXES: Federal

Just because I think the Federal Income Tax is unjust amongst the 115+/- different methods that the government uses to raise revenue, I’m considered a Tax Protester. Don't they know it's the 2nd Platform of Communism?

I have a friend that I’ve known for close to 20 years and we have been fighting the IRS for close to 14 of them. We believe that there is no law that has ever been enacted that requires Citizens working in a private domestic capacity for money from their labor, to file and pay a Federal Income tax.  If there was, the IRS would have long ago shown this law to the American people. It is a very complex situation but we believe that we can now prove it and just as importantly, provide the evidence and explain it to people. It is all there in black and white and sadly, some in the Administration (IRS, Treasury and Justice Depts.) and the Judiciary are complicit either by being unknowingly ignorant or committing outright treason and fraud against the American People.              

I personally and have witnessed several others request specifically in writing and sent USPS return receipt request, for the law that was passed and when. Not once have any of the requests been answered by any of the individuals within any government agencies questioned. Why Not???? If this magic law existed, why not just show it and get all the uncertainty out of the way.  We believe, because they can’t, obviously because one does not exist. 

Now here’s the problem. In January 7, 2008, the Supreme Court in Schulz v. IRS, (see Count 1 below) refused to hear the case which would have required the IRS to answer a formal Redress of Grievance as delineated in Article 1 of the Constitution, on various Federal Income Tax issues such as the one noted above, after a three (3) panel Federal Appellate Court actually ruled in favor of the US Government on May 8, 2007.  Go figure, a government taxing authority, according to our illustrious Judiciary, does not have to provide you with the Statute and when it was enacted, that they are actually enforcing???? 

Now here’s another problem. Very few Attorneys, or even Judges for that matter are willing to buck the system because it could be either political, employment or economic suicide, if you do.  Those in power will actually send the IRS after you, as evidenced in the Nixon tapes. http://whitehousetapes.net/transcript/nixon/274-044 The most difficult part in all of this is getting a fair trial for the various reasons noted above and finding an Attorney that truly understands the necessary issues. Our Attorney was sanctioned $8,000 on another case for filing a frivolous Appeal, when it wasn’t and now he’s having to fight that.      

Rory Leinen has fought long and hard at trying to get the IRS to show him his tax liability. Instead they keep aggressively pursuing him with notices, liens and law suits without ever providing the law or other merits of their actions.  He ended up having to defend himself in a pro se capacity at the Federal Level (darn near suicidal) because the infamous weasel and Attorney Tommy Cryer, at the last minute, whom he paid in advance $10,000, refused to defend him on the merits of the case, even after Cryer, using similar defenses won a Circuit Court case in Louisiana. Cryer wanted to do an Offer in Compromise which is a cop out when trying to mitigate the potential injustices within the enforcement of the income tax. Rory said Cryer stated to him; “I can’t believe you want to go into the bear cave and fight the bear”.  

Rory lost this case, without a Judicial response as to why and is now losing his home with the pending court approved sale.  However, we are now in process of suing the IRS and its various agents for various infringements and the Bank that we believe wrongly gave the IRS the evidence for them to establish income, his bank accounts, which show both deposits and expenditures, which the IRS conveniently only considers deposits when determining income on an IRS substitute tax return. How about a Judiciary that decides that various questions pertaining to our laws, do not have to be answered by our Public Servants and then finds a person guilty without having to tell them why. That is as good a definition of tyranny as I can think of even if the participants are under a true level of duress.  Because they can’t ethically answer the questions without giving up the scam. So they just don’t answer the questions or tell the defendants why they lost. The latest tactics by the Administrative Agencies and Courts are to declare any questions or affirmative defences/claims frivolous, even if it is “not” noted on their own list of frivolous claims and I personally have the documentation to prove that.         

If any ethical person were to look at this system as a whole, how could they conclude anything but tyranny or gross misunderstanding as the result?  Rory told me that the IRS Agent actually said to him, “Rory, you’re technically correct, but that is not how the game is played.” 

We have a board Certified Tax Attorney who was a prior Attorney of the year and a prominent bankruptcy attorney and litigator, assisting us in trying to stop the unconscionable acts of our out of control government. 

You can help Rory with Attorney fees by going through a cloud funding website: http://www.indiegogo.com/RoryLeinen

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