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Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

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Date: 2012-05-14
Subject: Economy - Economics USA

 As a former We The People (WTP) groupie, I have watched in amazement as this organization has slid down the slippery slope into the hallowed hall of has-beens.  For the better part of ten years, Bob Schulz and his brave band challenged the beast in Washington DC at every turn, starting with the Tax Honesty issue and expanding to about fifteen "Grievances" in the now defunct Articles of Freedom.  Oh yeah, along the way a bunch of us WTP'ers filed a lawsuit against the beast seeking to affirm our Right to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances, you know, the last words of the First Amendment.  Guess what the beast had to say?  Sure... you have a Right to Petition, but the government has no duty to answer, much less provide any Redress. Oh really?  In fact, the black-robed potentates at the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case at all, allowing the lower court ruling to... well... become the new First Amendment... I guess.  So much for due process.

Here's the truth about the proposed peaceful 3% solution:  Unless we can find about 3 million able and willing Patriots to "Stand on the Green" in front of the US Capitol building, with their bayonets glistening in the sun, nothing is going to change.  By comparison with the brave souls who did this on April, 19, 1775 at a little place called Lexington, our Republic is much further down the road to ruin. The caption photo is from an earlier WTP effort in Washington DC, an event called The Freedom Drive. Know how many people showed up (without the bayonets)? About 600... maybe.  I was there.  WTP did a great job hosting the event, the American people and their government failed miserably.

Well, a lot has happened since then. The IRS is still trying to rob me blind, I get groped at the airport, gas is $4 a gallon, my business is failing, and the guy in the White House is from who-knows-where. Oh yeah, the "war on terror" drags on in some misguided attempt to build other nations in our image while our young men and women come home in pieces.  Count the cost.

Until enough Patriots are ready and willing to Stand on the Green, there will be no 3% solution. The beast is too well entrenched to allow this to happen through due process. I do wish Bob Schulz well in his current endeavor, and will continue to pray for his safety.  But let me know Bob, when you are ready to Stand on the Green.  I'll be there along side you.