Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Subject: TAXES: Federal

   Anyone who has no sense of social responsibility cannot or will never understand why we HAVE to pay our taxes. If they do, chances are that responsibility is viewed from a great distance away from the truth, as if the truth is being viewed from the depth of outer space at the wrong end of the telescope.

    Viewing the truth at such great distances plays trick to the mind’s eye. It misconfigures the object of vision, and what is visualized is something else. Victims of this optical mirage appear like a bungling fool that some people laugh at.

    Thus most often than not there are those clownish people who see and believe like a fool that paying taxes is “slavery”, and that taxation is a form of “robbery”. They are not joining this July Fourth celebration of Independence because they see this momentous event as an American self-declaration of slavery.  

     It is not really because of their myopic vision that makes them look like a clown, but the way they justify that what they saw was slavery instead of taxation, and it was not taxation they saw but robbery, which in the stage of public opinion make them the last comics left standing. Unfortunately, extreme Libertarians in the good company of the radical Left, chant this mantra of sightlessness due to such impaired vision.

     The story of “Benefits of Paying Taxes” [http://benefitof.net/benefits-of-paying-taxes/] is one of the great stories ever known to the American people. At least five of those benefits are best understood more than the reading of the Bible is understood in a Sunday church gathering.

1.                  Income for running the government. Taxes are used to run the government machinery.

2.                  Public utilities and amenities. To enable politicians to make good of their election promises to build roads, highways, free education, job opportunities, etc. we have to pay our taxes. For instance, you should be proud that the highway you drive through was built by the taxes you paid.

3.                  Free Education and Medicare. Millions of the underprivileged population gets a good free primary education and healthcare, aside from the fact that the Government planned for free high school and college education because of the taxes we paid.

4.                  Social Protection or Security. Imagine you are robbed and there is no police to protect you. Your taxes create the police force that go after those criminals.

5.                  National security. I like to explain this particular tax benefit verbatim with this appropriate quote: “Your taxes not only support the internal security forces but also the national security personnel. These security forces are what protect our country from external enemies and terrorists who threaten the security and peace of the nation.”

      The truth about Taxation is clear … that it is because of taxation that we are able to build our road and superhighways, had facilitated interstate commerce and our international trade thereby creating the richest and the mightiest country on the planet. It benefited Americans who paid their taxes to the Government " the State Government and U.S. Federal Government -- that created those wonders of modern civilization by using the taxes we paid.

      The questions to ask then, are:

       If you refuse to pay your taxes because in your freaking mind taxation is robbery, and yet you are using the roads and superhighways our taxes built, and reaping the benefits out what our taxes had created, aren’t you then a despicable FREELOADER?

      If you cheat paying taxes and get away with it because anyway in your freaking mind you are against tax laws  that “forced” you to pay taxes like everybody else [you complain that this is a form of robbery], and yet you feed on the bounty of the economy taxation has created when we paid our taxes with own sweat and blood, what are you then … an abominable BLOODSUCKER?

      If we pay our taxes with our dollar earned through our sweat and blood to build this greatest nation on the planet where you work and earned a living to feed yourself and raise a family, and yet as a tax evader you did not contribute anything because anyway in your freaking mind paying taxes is a form of slavery, and taxation is robbery, what are you then other than a BUM, a bloodsucking TICK, or a LEECH?

     Now is your chance to prove that you are not any of those.


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