Mega Banks Stealing Customer Savings and Homes Prior to the Collapse

Mega Banks Stealing Customer Savings and Homes Prior to the Collapse
Dave Hodges 
Date: 08-25-2012
Subject: Corruption


In the first half of The Common Sense Show, Dave Hodges and Annie Di Riso welcomes mortgage fraud expert and the author of Clouded Titles, Dave Krieger. as he unveils the theft of 3.1 million American homes  after the owners have paid off their mortgage.  This is being accomplished through MERS and the ongoing robosigners' fraud.

In the second half of the show, Senior Correspondent of The Common Sense Show, Susanne Posel, updates the listeners on the theft of customer bank accounts which is supported by the recent 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled that the banks own the rights to deposited money and tangible assets.  

Posel will also provide stunning details on the Obama Administration's demonization and portrayal of US veterans as being dangerous enemies of the state.  Increasingly, veterans are the victims of the Sovietization of the mental health care industry as former military personnel are being institutionalized in mental hospitals for the expression of their constitutionally protected political views. Posel will also cover how the Pentagon plans to "prevent military suicides" through the use of a nasal spray which is nothing more than a crude form of a chemical lobotomy which will be performed on our soldiers as the frontline of citizen defense against a tyrannical government is being eradicated. through the neutering of our veterans.  




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