My Day In Court

Mike Wasdin
Our Libertarian Candidates Need Your Support Today!  
To all Libertarians and Independents: Here is your chance to raise your voice for Freedom and Individual Liberty by writing in the following candidates (and then voting for them in the General Election:

United States Senator Marc Victor

U.S. Representative in Congress District 1 Kim Allen

U.S. Representative in Congress District 2 Anthony Prowell

U.S. Representative in Congress District 9 Powell Gammill

State Senator District 8 Dean Dill

State Representative District 28 Jim Iannuzo

State Representative District 29 Bill Barker

Corporation Commissioner Christopher Gohl

Phoenix Justice of the Peace Downtown Thane Eichenauer

Constable " Arcadia Biltmore Nannette Gordon
Please support these and our other Libertarian candidates in November as well!