A Garage Innovation Designed for Garage Innovators

A Garage Innovation Designed for Garage Innovators
Garret Loporto 
Date: 0000-00-00
Subject: Activism

Look at the world we live in today. Most of us realize many of our systems are no longer working. And protesting them just isn't enough. If we are really going to change things, we need to innovate and create better solutions that disrupt and replace all the stuff that isn't working. It will take all of us disruptive innovators plugging away in our basements and garages - but we can no longer afford to do this in isolation. We need to come together and connect our home laboratories in a way that truly fosters powerful collaboration and crowd-sourcing. We can cooperatively achieve amazing things together.

Worldwide right now, there are at least 350 million disruptive innovators, just like yourself - creative people born to change things. Imagine what would happen if we all supported each together?

To put that in perspective, the empire state building took 7 million work hours to build. If we each gave just an hour a day to work on the world’s problems together, we would collectively devote 350 million work hours every day. That's 40,000 years. That's 555 human lifetimes. That's fifty times the entire empire state building project - worth of innovation, creativity, problem solving and progress all devoted to making the world a better place each and every day.

From innovators to hacktivists, whistleblowers and rabble rousers to social entrepreneurs, iconoclasts and change-agents - all share the common bond of having the insatiable desire to change the world for the better.

But how do you coordinate that many disruptive innovators? Some might say that'd be like trying to herd cats. How can you possibly give everyone's ideas and voices a fair shot while filtering the signal to noise ratio so that the best, most timely and helpful ideas, projects and initiatives get the attention they deserve?

One side of that requires technology - a platform with ongoing, real-time democratic curation where you vote up or down the postings of others based on their merit.

When you do that, bad ideas and nonsense disappear, good ideas are challenged and refined until they become great. And great ideas - they rise to the top galvanizing everyone's attention and support.

If we take that platform and integrate it with tools for rapid crowd-sourcing, crowd funding and crowd coordination, now we're playing with fire.

Let me introduce you to UPRISER.COM - a garage innovation designed for garage innovators - UPRISER is the evolution of revolution where disruption meets innovation - a roundtable for revolutionaries where we rise up together. A place where you can roll up your sleeves, make good ideas great and make great ideas happen. It’s a radical new platform for seeding revolutionary ideas, innovation, launching startups, rapid grassroots organizing, whistle-blowing, and starting and coordinating positive initiatives democratically.

This is where you come in. Imagine creating a world where innovations and creativity flourish, where wealth and resources are abundant, and where you have played an important role in replacing all of the corrupt and broken systems with new systems of integrity, which you helped create, that truly benefit humanity.

But in order to launch this site, we’ll need your help. Please visit www.indiegogo.com/upriser

Now it is up to all of us inventors, activists, entrepreneurs, angel investors, artists, whistleblowers, scientists, pioneers, rebels, visionaries, free-spirits and disruptive innovators worldwide to make this happen.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the upriser persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the upriser.” ~ adapted from George Bernard Shaw

What happens when you bring millions of change-agents and disruptive innovators together?

We’re about to find out.
UPRISER // the evolution of revolution:

Garret LoPorto (born in 1976) is an American activist, author, speaker, media artist, entrepreneur and inventor. In 2010 Garret recorded and released a speech (later becoming a viral Youtube video, reaching over 6.5 million views) where he called out to rule-breakers, rebels, troublemakers, free spirits, pioneers, visionaries and non-conformists " to recognize their strength, rise up together and reform "the establishment."
Known for his viral Internet activism, his music and speeches, and as an inspirational thought-leader in neurodiversity and the psychology behind disruptive innovation, LoPorto has authored two books on the subject.