Tom Westbrook
America " The ‘Stateless’ Society  

The stateless society, in our case America, is not the solution in my opinion, but instead the problem! The problem isn’t that there is too much government; the problem is that there isn’t enough government. Yes, I said it out loud, (or at least typed it out loud). Surely by now people are questioning and wondering how I could produce such insane logic? But before jumping to conclusions, please allow me to explain myself. First, America has been described by many using words such as: police state, tyranny, out of control and ever expanding government, nanny state, warfare state, welfare state, you get the idea. How is this considered a ‘stateless’ society one might ask? Good question! Anyone who has typed into the Duns and Bradstreet website “THE STATE OF” (fill in the blank for your state) will know that their state is, in fact, a corporation. Albeit a ‘non-profit’ corporation, make no mistake, it is in ‘business’ to make money. So, if your State, your local government, and likely your city government, as well the ‘United States’ are all corporations in ‘business’ to make money, where does this leave you? Without a government! Without a government that can protect your life, liberty and property " or in other words you are left STATELESS! How does it feel being ‘stateless’? Alone? Vulnerable to the abuse of out of control corporations, even those who commit fraud and pose as governments? Are you beginning to see my point?

So those who have been dreaming of a utopian stateless existence, where everyone is frolicking about taking care of each other, birds chirping, flowers blooming, can now open your eyes, we are there! Did it turn out the way you expected? But, now that we are there, and see what it is like, maybe it’s appropriate to caution ourselves: to be careful what we wish for!

The United States of America was founded as a peoples’ self-government instituted among men in order to secure these rights of: life, liberty, and property. These are all the things that we hoped we would find in a stateless society, but instead found tyranny. How did we end up in this stateless existence? In 1871 the peoples’ representatives decided to abandon their posts as representatives of the people in the people’s government, and instead voted themselves off of the “several states” and into a municipal corporation with a jurisdiction within a ten mile square situated in the District of Columbia and including other Federal Territories. Since then, ‘We the People’ have been stateless. We the people, from this point, being without the protection of the peoples’ government, were lead through deception by private bankers and corporations and were provided with what was perceived to be a benefit of a corporate identity (provided with the birth record) which unwittingly led us into a corporate jurisdiction. Yes, there is a corporate state that exercises extreme authority over our corporate entity, and has given us the perception that our constitutional rights have been taken from us, when in reality, the constitutional rights of our corporate entity have been taken. But, in fact, nothing was ever really taken because corporations never had rights in the first place!   

The question now is: shall we stand alone in the face of tyranny, stateless and without government? Or shall we stand together and, once again, institute among men self-government in order to secure or rights of life, liberty and property, from the abuse of out of control corporations posing as government? Everyone must make their own choice, of course, after all the power of government is derived by the ‘consent of the governed’.


The Republic is RESTORED! For those who want it.

Tom Westbrook