Obama Comes For Our Guns!

IT IS ON! Obama Comes For Our Guns!
David McElroy 
Date: 01-18-2013
Subject: Activism

By David A. McElroy
Jan. 18, 2013
Rally at state capitols tomorrow, Jan. 19th, for our National Gun Appreciation Day and refuse to cower before the Obama administration’s brazen socialist gun ban agenda. You might recall the Revolutionary War began with patriots resisting British gun confiscation.
The supreme leader of the United Socialist States of America, Barack Obama, issued 23 edicts Jan. 16th designed to further integrate all databases in further infringing upon our rights to privacy, even in medical matters. Your doctor will be required by Executive Order to rat you out regarding your prescriptions, attitudes, and gun ownership. Perhaps you saw the Usurper in Chief on television, with children in tow, insisting that more restrictions infringing upon our Second Amendment rights are necessary in the wake of school shootings. Obama can scarcely contain his glee waiting to sign a ban on “assault style weapons” and “large capacity magazines” Senator Diane Feinstein is sponsoring.
Gun Owners of America, in a Jan. 17th newsletter, said Obama has “proposed a semi-automatic ban so extreme that it could potentially outlaw up to 50% of all long guns and up to 80% of all handguns.” Some states, like New York and Illinois, are not waiting for federal action, they are moving toward registering or confiscating semi-automatic guns. Don’t expect grandfather rights for firearms lawfully purchased prior to the ban. Check out H.R. 226 introduced by Congressman Rosa DeLauro Jan. 15th, authorizing a $2,000 tax credit from the IRS for surrendering a semi-automatic rifle. He called it the “Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for Our Streets Act.” The bill explicitly states it is part of a government “program to reduce the number of privately owned firearms.” Mainstream media is supporting disarming civilians and confiscating our guns by one means or another with a full-court press. Ask Piers Morgan at CNN.
Fortunately, there are many with their back up and stalling such measures. Numerous county sheriffs have openly declared they will not enforce these gun registration and confiscation schemes, standing with the Oathkeepers and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officer Association. Gun owners will be rallying at state capitols tomorrow, Jan. 19th , supporting a God-given right to self defense enshrined in our Second Amendment with a National Gun Appreciation Day demonstration.
Obama has directed federal agencies to immediately begin further integrating databases with information about guns and gun owners, and vows to outlaw “assault style” guns and magazines with a capacity exceeding ten rounds. Notice this ban is against a “style”, as true fully automatic weapons are already illegal outside a few very tightly screened and regulated people who are usually government agents already. Semi-automatic rifles that even have one characteristic resembling a military rifle will be illegal, as will our large capacity rifle and pistol magazines. Don’t expect grandfather rights to guns, magazines, and accessories you lawfully purchased before today. When the uniformed gangs show up at your door to exercise the state monopoly on violent force, perhaps in a “dynamic entry” at 3 am, don’t expect any leniency even if you still can find your bill of sale or receipt in such dark and scary circumstances.
His Imperial Majesty has declared that these draconian measures are necessary “even if one life can be saved” by the repressive steps Vice President Biden and his committee had recommended. The orders came only 23 days after the Sandy Hook school shooting, well within the 30 days Obama had promised decisive gun control action.
Of course, Obama, who took the Oval Office being deemed the Manchurian Candidate, just signed another order providing him and his family with heavily armed Secret Service protection for life. And while he cries crocodile tears about protecting “even one life” of a “precious child”, he directs indiscriminate drone strikes that have proven to kill scores of children overseas. Obama also reserves, among his plenary powers, the imperious perogative to secretly detain, torture, or kill anyone, anytime, anywhere on the planet without due process or judicial review. See the National Defense Authorization Act if you question this. He has GUTTED THE BILL OF RIGHTS! So it should be no surprise that he now infringes further on our God-given rights to self-defense, even as he has repeatedly violated many of the most basic tenets of the US Constitution, thumbing his nose at our Christian American Heritage as well as common sense. Obama’s fascist administration, leaning toward Marxism, will prohibit Truth, Justice, and Liberty as the antithesis of state power held repugnant to socialist philosophy. The predator prefers a prey that is disarmed, clueless, and easily driven to panic with his violently superior force.
Truth is simple. Complex convoluted schemes are the tools evil uses to skirt the truth and deceive us. Many “progressive” sorts tell us the Founding Fathers never intended the people to be armed or exercise sovereignty over government, claiming such things to be “unconstitutional” in these increasingly less united states, despite factual history.
Do you have a right to defend yourself or not? Even Christ advised disciples to purchase swords in Luke 22:36, at a time and place where Roman law prohibited civilian sword ownership.
James Madison, principal architect of the US Constitution, said “We have staked the whole future of American Civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for Self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves according to The Ten Commandments of God.” How does this square with the policies and practices of our federal government in 2013?
Thomas Jefferson, who penned the Declaration of Independence, said “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” We should recall a citizen may bear firearms, but a slave is never permitted to carry a gun. Which are you?