Frosty Wooldridge
Boy Scouts of America versus Gay Scouts  
While our U.S. Constitution supports anyone’s right to their own sexual orientation, let’s examine a bit further into the homosexuals of this country invading the ranks of “straight” Boy Scouts.
When I grew up, my younger brother’s homosexual teacher physically attempted to sexually molest my sibling.  My brother never told me about it until years later at college when we both suffered from two homosexuals attempting to sexually assault both of us.  When you are straight, young and innocent"you just don’t suspect what’s coming at you.
Because we happened to be pretty good looking and at the height of our physical prime, after they cornered us in their apartments, we threatened to kick both their asses because we were SO angry at their cornering us at a frat party.
After the ordeal, I told my brother about how my sixth grade teacher, who was a roommate of his 5th grade teacher, attempted to molest me in the back of the school room for five different sessions.  He closed the blinds after the last kid left and proceeded to teach me about his idea of the “birds and the bees.”  Thankfully, I would never follow through in what he wanted me to do for him.   I felt embarrassed and never told my father or mother, and definitely not my brother.
After my brother’s and my ordeal with the two college homosexuals, we confided in each other about our two teachers back in grade school.  To say the least, we felt incredible rage at being attacked in our grade years when we didn’t know any better and had NO idea of what they were trying to do to us or why.
When the college attacks came, both of us felt so angry that we wanted to bust them up and kick them back to San Francisco. We both graduated from Michigan State University.   For two straight kids, we suffered incredible trauma, but thankfully, we didn’t allow ourselves to be sucked into their sexual orientation. 
But we did learn one thing: homosexuals prey on young straight boys.  They cannot help themselves and they carry no moral scruples.
Today, you see “gays” on TV and in the movies. They push their sexual ways onto most of us and they make it seem “normal.”  Homosexuality works for them, so it must be normal.  But for the rest of us, it’s pretty sickening. 
As a teacher at the elementary, high school and college levels, I have learned a few things.  Gay men prey on straight young men for sport and for sexual release.  They don’t care about ethics nor do they care about the child’s traumatic memories of the “gay” sexual event or drawn out sexual events if the victim doesn’t know how to escape their sexual web.
As a teacher and a parent, I would NEVER allow my child to be taught by a homosexual teacher.  I would NEVER allow my child to be led by a “gay” Boy Scout leader.  I would NEVER allow my boy to join a Boy Scout troop with gay members.  Why?  Gay young men prey on “straight” young men.
I don’t want my boys or any boys to be presented with a gay boy scout member, gay teacher or gay troop leader because I don’t want even a single, tiny chance that they could be raped by that gay individual at such a young and innocent age.
If the Boy Scouts surrender their honor and their ethics to the “gay” agenda, America will have lost its last bastion for bringing up young men in a “normal” and “healthy” well-being of living. 
If gays want to create their own “Gay Boy Scouts of America”, then, have at it “gay” leaders, “gay” boys, “gay” teachers.   Parade around and celebrate your gayness, your gay lifestyle, your gay sex, your gay parties, your bed hopping, your AIDS, herpes and every other STD delights you can discover by your “gay” lifestyle.
But leave me alone, leave my boys alone, leave my Boy Scouts alone and leave all of us normal, well-adjusted and straight men alone.   We don’t subscribe to the homosexual creed or any of its preying on our young men of America. 
I hope more fathers and mothers and Scout leaders come forth to speak up for America, for our values and for our normalcy.  Because if we don’t, we will see our “gay” Boy Scouts of America become the sexual predators of tomorrow.
Why am I speaking up?  Because my father, a damned good man, said, “Son, if you feel strongly about something, you need to stand up and speak out.  When you do, you will give courage for another 10,000 people behind you who are afraid to stand up or speak out because they fear reprisals.  Make me proud of you.”
Dad, I stand up for America and I am standing up for the Boy Scouts of America to be normal, well-adjusted and wholesome young men of the future.
I know what my late father is saying right now, “Son, I am proud of you.”
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