The Center for Natural Living

The Center for Natural Living
John Bush 
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Launch Party for Center for Natural Living - May 4th, 2013 5PM at Irie Bean Coffee on S. Lamar in Austin, TX
Toward a natural and voluntary world

The Center for Natural Living is a 501c3 public charity founded in December 2012 and is based out of Austin, TX.

The mission of the Center for Natural Living is to demonstrate the value of voluntary cooperation and natural living in the areas of sustainability, family, and health by creating educational media and helping families to fulfill their basic needs.

In order to fulfill our mission we are working with leaders and innovators from our three focus areas and calling on grassroots volunteers and community members to help us make our vision a reality.  In our first year we hope to have a major impact by matching ambitious goals with talented leaders and generous supporters.

Our 2013 Strategic Plan includes the following goals…..

-Organize several health education meetings in marginalized communities -Provide at least 100 fluoride water filters to new or expecting mothers
-Award Grants to Students, Groups, and Filmmakers Furthering Natural Health
-Assist Low Income Families in Accessing Nutritional Supplements and Natural Health             Remedies
-Assist Families with Their Alternative Education Needs
-Build and Sustain a Community Garden in Austin, TX
-Build Aquaponics Systems and Study Their Efficiency
-Build a Bio-Diesel Processing System
-Produce Educational Media Through SovereignLiving.tv

We hope you’ll take part in our effort to create a more voluntary and natural world.