Won't You Be My Neighbor - AquaDome

Won't You Be My Neighbor - AquaDome
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 05-16-2013
Subject: Events: Arizona

The picture immediately above and below is our first GeoDesic Dome "The MoneyDome"

Below is a description of the construction of a double dome that is joined by a doorway. One Dome has two entrances and Dome #2 has a single entrance in addition to the door that connects the two domes.
We have almost 2 acres to work with but we are trying to find out how much food can be produced in an area the size of a small backyard. This area on the side of our home is where our neighbors can see it, it's easy for us to access from our home and we can use our small Waterfall Pond for the 'tilapia' fish that supply the plants food (that clean the water for the fish).
By pumping the water so that it returns to the top of the water feature Donna still gets benefit of the waterfall's sound and the water gets aerated.
Another part of the water feature (that wasn't operational when we moved in) could allow us to also pump some of the water into a reservoir farther away that connects to the pond that can also be used for more plant growth and water purification.
The 'stream' empties into the fish pond and may be part of later expansion (or someone's project :)
Our first GeoDesic Dome (The MoneyDome) has been a regular and popular feature at several freedom oriented festivals for more than a year. We learned a lot about their construction and benefits and wanted to connect two together, a 'doubleDome', that can provide the infrastructure for our Aquaponics system.
The 1/2" EMT (electrical) conduit that was fabricated to exact dimensions over several days by activists is what you see on the deck. Three complete 16' diameter domes were fabricated (one went to Leo and his family to house his growing flock of Japanese Quail that they raise for food and commerce).

Our Domes are 3 Phase (3 different sizes of conduit - go to 'The MoneyDome' page for an explanation and links to Dome Calculators). Two Domes are represented by the piles of conduit on the deck that is now ready for assembly.
The two AquaDomes will occupy most of the available space.
Used straw from the chicken coup is the first layer.
Then two fresh straw bails are spread out to provide a thick weed free layer so that we have a clean floor in the AquaDome and a clean work environment. We also plan to clear some spots for ground growth (carrots for sure).

Ready for Dome assembly tomorrow afternoon (Friday May 17th at 3pm) and then swimming... the water is nice.
Dome one will have an opening to the deck and another to the sidewalk. Dome one will also be connected to dome two. Dome two will also have an opening facing the side door of the house.

Starting to assemble the Aquadome:
Our Next Door Neighbor
Our Neighbor's view
From Our Mailbox
Looking towards the street
Dwaine Halberg and Daniel Sackett (Saguaro Materials Research) will be coming by Tuesday May 21st to see the progress
(Radio/TV Show  •  Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
05-02-13 -- Steve Meunier - Dwaine Halberg, Daniel Sackett - (Video & MP3 LOADED)
Program Date:  2013-05-02
   Steve Meunier (H2opesystem) on their water purification energy system - Dwaine Halberg and Daniel Sackett (Saguaro Materials Research) on their Algae PhotobioReactors to make bio diesel.