Freedom Summit 2014!

Freedom Summit 2014!
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The Freedom Summit is a regular conference dedicated to promoting and advancing human freedom. To that end, the Freedom Summit program schedules speakers who have demonstrated their effectiveness in presenting the intellectual case for freedom.
The Freedom Summit conference offers a highly distinguished assortment of the best, brightest, and most entertaining people in the freedom movement today!  It is a stimulating periodic update on the current status of freedom in our world from several varied perspectives. Rather than seek to present either an optimistic or pessimistic outlook, the Freedom Summit strives to present an honest and very straightforward assessment of the current status of our freedom.
Socialism and other coercive centralized planning schemes have failed to improve, and indeed have worsened, the human condition. As such, the Freedom Summit does not encourage or promote any particular centralized plan to achieve freedom. Rather, the Freedom Summit encourages individuals to promote freedom in non-coercive ways which are best suited to their individual talents.

The Freedom Summit is a forum for the vigorous and peaceful exchange of ideas about how humans ought to interact with each other. People recently introduced to the concepts of freedom, as well as lifelong supporters of freedom, are encouraged to attend. Those who support a coercive government are also welcome to attend and examine their views in light of the ideas and arguments presented.You can contact us by mail at: 4886 W Port Au Prince Lane; Glendale, AZ  85306.

Freedom Summit conferences have been packed with great minds of the modern freedom movement. By the end of each Summit, we have gotten our annual update of the current status of freedom in America and what we need to be aware of in our pursuit of liberty in our own lives, and in the lives of our loved ones. But now we need to be concerned with the economic collapse of America and the destruction of the dollar.

Freedom Summit Speakers are of the highest quality and are treated as long-time friends while they make new friends. Freedom Summit Participants are part of the Summit and are encouraged to engage in personal discussions that often last for hours with ‘the great minds of modern freedom’.
We are negotiating a contract for the location now for the 2014 Freedom Summit, and it will be held from February 14th - 16th, 2014 in the Phoenix, AZ area. We will post the details when they become available at HERE and also at  FreedomSummit.Com

Here is a confirmed list of speakers for the 2014 Freedom Summit:
Cody Wilson - 3D Gun Printing; Defense Distributed and DEFCAD
Larken Rose - Anarchist Author, most notably known for challenging the IRS to answer questions about the federal tax liability of citizens; LarkenRose.Com
Tarrin Lupo - Author (Pirates of Savannah Series; One Nation Under Blood) LupoLit.Com
Anthony Gregory - Writer Independent Institute
James Babb - Activist from Philadelphia; End the Fed; WeWontFly.Com
Will Grigg - Writer; FreedomInOurTime.Blogspot.Com; Proliberate.US; Articles on LewRockwell.Com
Rosa Koire - DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21; PostSustainabilityInstitute.Org
Phranq Tamburri - Naturopathic Doctor Longevity Medical Health Center
Greg Peterson - The Urban Farm (UrbanFarm.Org)

Possible Speakers:
Tim Frey - President, Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, Inc.
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