Like Gold, Love is a Singularity

Like Gold, Love is a Singularity
Michael Nystrom 
Website: Daily Paul
Date: 0000-00-00
Subject: Raising Generation Next

     Gold as a financial asset is a singularity, for it has no corresponding liability.  Unlike stocks, bonds, bank accounts, Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), and other such paper assets, gold stands alone. 

     Modern day double-entry bookkeeping ensures that any paper asset is merely the flip side of someone else’s liability.  Your stocks and bonds may be your assets, but they are liabilities for the companies that issued them.  It is all a matter of perspective.  The money in your bank account is your asset, but from the bank’s point of view it is a liability.
     The Federal Reserve is no different from any other bank in this respect.  Inspect the greenbacks in your wallet and you will notice that they are all marked “Federal Reserve Note.”  Each of those slips of paper is a liability of the Federal Reserve.  A dollar is an asset from one angle, but a liability from the other.

This is why gold stands alone. Gold just is, regardless of which angle you look at it from.  Among financial assets, gold is a singularity.

* * *

Similar to gold, in the pantheon of human experience, Love stands alone.  Ever brilliant.  Perpetual. Eternal.  Like gold, Love is an asset with no corresponding liability. There is no downside to it.  It has no opposite.

* * *

Take a house that was built with love and load it up with the usual contents: Carpeting, furniture, knickknacks, electronic devices, and a desk drawer filled with paper assets. Throw in some gold for good measure. Now burn that house down and see what remains.   The carpeting, furniture and knickknacks are all gone, up in smoke. The electronics are melted, gnarled messes. The stocks, bonds and paper money are worthless ashes. Destroyed. 

  But there in the smoldering ruins you will find your gold, unfazed and unchanged. It may be melted and reformed into a different shape.  But it is still there, holding its value just as before. 

And what of the love?  It was love that built the house in the first place, and it is love that will rebuild the house from the ground up. For love is more than an “emotion” or a “feeling” (between the legs), as it is cartoonishly portrayed by our popular media. Love is much more than that.

Speaking of emotion, fear is the dominant emotion of our era.  We are bombarded with it daily by the government, the news, the media, and the advertisers that are as much the main attraction as anything else.  This destructive emotion is profitable for those with something to sell: Create the fear, and then sell the solution.  It is the oldest trick in the book of marketing. 

In just half an hour of television “news” you can expose yourself to so many fears: Fear of bad breath; fear of dull, listless hair; fear of not hitting your “number.” And those are just the ads!  The news itself broadcasts colossal fears of global economic collapse, environmental destruction, and crazy dictators with “weapons of mass destruction.”

Fear sends people cowering, looking for answers, solutions and most of all, protection.  Listerine, anyone?  While we’re at it, how about mobilizing the US Military to protect us from that bad guy, way over there on the other side of the world.

The antidote to this insidious, media-industrial-complex control system has been here all along, in unlimited supply, under our very noses.  In our very hearts, in fact.  It is the singularity of human purpose:  Love.

“Love,” to quote 1 Corinthians 13:8, “never fails.”

How could it?  It is the glue that holds the universe together.  It is the Universal Force, the Universal Salve, and the Universal Solvent. Love, like time, heals all wounds and solves all problems.  Without it, and without enough of it, our species doesn’t have a chance.

The most important thing we can provide in the raising our next generation is ample quantities of the singularity called Love.  Love is the very basis of the Ernest Hancock inspired Love-0-lution.  Love creates the solid foundation from which to reject the manipulative emotion of fear.

* * *

At this particular point in our young Love-o-lution, the other side may appear to be in control, with all their weapons, their money, their propaganda and their fear. But appearances can be deceiving. Their apparent strength masks their greatest weakness.  This is our advantage, for we have something they will never have, something more powerful than the greatest armies in the world. 

Love is the singularity that transforms all and wins every battle before it can begin.  Wherever you go and whatever you do, bring an ample supply of love in your heart.
Michael Nystrom is the Publisher of Daily Paul  (DailyPaul.Com). After the 2012 campaing, the website took on the acronym The Daily P.Au.L | Peace, Gold, Love. You can visit his webpage at michaelnystrom.org