Aquaponics in Arizona Summer

Aquaponics in Arizona Summer
Angela Kupper 
Date: 0000-00-00
Subject: Raising Generation Next

Arizona has a very long growing season with its mild seasons, all except for summer. Summer in Phoenix can be quite challenging. With the high temps and low humidity, plants can struggle for survival. With Aquaponics, you have some defense when it comes to summer. While production may slow down in comparison with other seasons, with some ingenuity and patience you can still have a successful system.  Here are some tips to beat the summer heat:
·    Shade, shade, shade! It is all about filtering the direct heat from the sun. A greenhouse or shelter for your system and plants is vital.
·    Airflow my friends… box fans, standing fans and ventilation will not only help cool your plants but keep them happy and productive.
·    Is it humid in here? Yes, humidity is important. Using misters will help keep the humidity level up and cool your system as well. Spraying the ground around your fish tank and grow beds also aids in the cooling effect.
·    Cool runnings… If you are able to use a cooling system such as a swamp cooler, it will not only cool your greenhouse but increase the humidity for the plants.
·    Here fishy fishy! Make sure to check the temperature of your fish tank. If it gets into the mid 90’s,  try adding a block or two of ice. A water chiller may also be a beneficial solution.
·    If you’re considering building an Aquaponic system, now is a good time. It may be hot now, but the time the system is cycled (up to 9 weeks) the temperature for planting should be optimal. Don’t risk missing your prime growing season!
*Remember to check your system water levels. With the dry heat, you will have to occasionally add water to the system.
Here atEcoPod Gardens, community outreach and education is our goal. We host Aquaponic classes, tours, an d functions throughout the year. Through education, we help people become nutritionally aware and self-sufficient. We have installed many unique and custom systems while teaching our clients to be self-sustaining. Currently, we are working with local restaurants so they may provide their own sustainable local fresh produce. EcoPod Gardens specializes in Aquaponics and we have systems, parts/supplies, classes, and more. Located in North Phoenix, we proudly serve the people of Arizona statewide. 

If you know any local non-profits or communities that may be interested in providing this community service, let us know. We appreciate the opportunity to work with all non-profits  and communities to assist any way we can.
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