Growing Diesel

Growing Diesel
Dwaine Halberg 
Date: 0000-00-00
Subject: Raising Generation Next


Saguaro Materials Research, an energy company based in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area which designs and builds systems for sustainable energy by cultivating micro-algae for biofuels, which can be processed into BioDiesel and food supplements to power the personal eco-system.

Our focus is on bringing BioFuels to you. Most companies building Biodiesel reactors are solely focused on the production of BioDiesel (B-100) from Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) for your Diesel cars and trucks. We are going a step further with our approach and providing smaller systems for emergency power, produced from Algal (algae) oil, which can be used to feed your own aqua culture, garden, live stock and used as health supplements for your "Green" and Prepper lifestyle.

Grow Green and Go!

Prepper Line Algae Photo Bio-Reactors

Most companies pursuing algae as a source of biofuels pump nutrient-rich water through plastic or borosilicate glass tubes (called "bioreactors") that are exposed to sunlight (and so-called photobioreactors or PBR).

Running a PBR is more difficult than using an open pond, and more costly, but may provide a higher level of control and productivity.

Algae farms can also operate on marginal lands, such as in desert areas where the groundwater is saline, rather than utilizing fresh water. Algae can also grow on the surface of the ocean.

Because algae strains with lower lipid content may grow as much as 30 times faster than those with high lipid content, the challenges in efficient biodiesel production from algae lie in finding an algal strain with a combination of high lipid-content and fast growth-rate, not too difficult to harvest; and with a cost-effective cultivation system (i.e., type of photobioreactor) best suited to that strain. There is also a need to provide concentrated CO2 to increase the rate of production

Harvesting the Algae and Pressing the Oil

Normally harvesting of micro-algae can be a single step process or two step process which involves harvesting and dewatering. Harvesting micro-algae is difficult because of the small size of the algae. Choosing the effective harvesting process for a particular strain depends on size and properties of algae strain.

We are currently have a harvesting process and are developing our dewatering process. We are in negotiations for distributorship of low cost oil presses, so check back with us regularly to see progress on these emerging technologies.

Prepper Line BioDiesel Reactors

Our Prepper Line of BioDiesel Reactors are 10, 15, and 30 gallons, single tank system with dry filtration for ready to use Biodiesel. We have found the perfect formula for making small batches of BioDiesel to complete your prep's in an efficient and simple manner. Not everybody wants to be a Chemical Engineer just to make their BioDiesel, using this “open source” formula, but everyone can be successful making top quality BioDiesel from batch one. We package for you the right amount of chemical additives in a convenient easy to use package that takes the guess work out of making BioDiesel.

The end result is a simple to use system for processing BioDiesel to power your Diesel Generator, or used as lamp oil and many other fuel related needs. When the process is all done, you have some by-products such as glycerin and methyl alcohol which can be reclaimed. The Methyl Alcohol can used for more batches of BioDiesel, and the glycerin used for soaps, cosmetics and moisturizer.
Dwaine Halberg is the President of Saguaro Materials Research, a 30+ year veteran of the hard disk and semiconductor industry, as a innovator through his process engineering skills. He has overseen manufacturing operations as a process engineer which produced 6 million hard disk substrates per month, has worked in Europe, Malaysia, Japan, and China, training and developing workforce and production.