If you can't say no, we'll help....
If you can't say no, we'll help....

Censoring Ron Paul and every other libertarian idea on the Internet
Powell Gammill 
Website: Gammill For Congress
Blog: Fascist Nation
Date: 07-22-2013
Subject: Philosophy: Libertarianism

Let me tell you a tale about web site and emailing newsletter censorship. 
When Ron Paul was a CONgressman and would e-mail out his Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk newsletter weekly using his U.S. House of Representative's server (an objectionable taxpayer funded practice discussed some other day) his newsletter was blacklisted.  If "they" can blacklist a CONgressional server (specifically the messages from Dr. Paul) they will blacklist and accuse of spamming ANYONE. 

Now that Dr. Paul has a private server for his newsletter you didn't think it would be better?   It isn't and the only reason it is not worse is it was this bad when he was in CONgress and they can't make it any worse short of refusing service or just plain dropping it into ye olde virtual trash can where you never even knew it existed.

My first step in reading Dr. Paul's newsletter is to visit Cox Communication's WebMail Spam folder on my account, which of course means I have to remember or at least have reason to suspect it is there.  [How many of you even know your ISP has such a feature?]

Then I declare the message isn't spam.  Supposedly the anti-spam client (The apparently well named "SpamAssassin" in this case) is informed (yet they never seem to fail to continue to block these messages) and the email is delivered to my inbox. 

While there might as well clean up and see if any other important messages I would have liked to receive are present.  Oh, my heavens to Murgatroyd look at these "spam" I am being protected from.

So finally I download the former "spam" messages from Cox and my choice of browser, "SeaMonkey," then starts protecting me.
No it isn't a scam.
No, I trust this site, unblock and show me the blocked content.  [In fairness, if I were to add the e-mail address of the-free-foundation to Seamonkey's e-mail address book it supposedly would stop blocking content---I've tried, and it often continues blocking.]
'Are you really sure you stupid hairless ape?'

Yes, show me the freaking message!!!!
'Very well but don't blame us if you get offended from what we tried to protect your eyes from.'

Success . . . . this week.