A Parable of the World-Wide Energy Crisis

A Parable of the World-Wide Energy Crisis
M Crosswhite 
Date: 0000-00-00
Subject: Energy

A story...

You live in a small village, in a very remote country.  This country is isolated from many modern technologies with virtually no communication to other cities or villages.  Your community has only one newspaper, owned by Bill Smith. Every family in the community has a car, and all cars get about 10 miles per gallon.  Wages are low and gas is very expensive so the community takes up a collection each week and sends Bill Smith to the distant town to catch up on the news, bring fresh supplies and gasoline back to the remote village. Bill Smith makes an above-average income selling newspapers and selling gasoline to the local villagers. This has worked this way for 30 years and is a common routine.  Everyone in the village has accepted and adjusted to this energy acquisition routine.

Now, Bill Smith has a secret. He is the only one who has visited the distant town.  He has discovered that people in the distant town are no longer buying gasoline. In fact, they have discovered a new form of energy that is free.  People there travel wherever they want at no cost.  As long as Bill Smith keeps the people in this town ignorant of the fact there is a new type of energy, he can still sell gasoline to the remote villagers and he is able to keep his above average income. Because he controls the media and refuses to tell the local people about the new energy source, they are totally convinced buying gasoline is their only energy source.

Today, we are those remote villagers.  There exists today new forms of energy and technology that you and I are not allowed to know about.  A powerful Energy Cartel makes sure you never hear about it.

The truth is: We don't have an energy problem, we have an information problem.

Free energy technology already exists.   Keep reading and I will show you hundreds of current devices.  We can have all the energy we want, for free.  We just don't know it.

The new energy is clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

The real problem of the world-wide energy crisis is the withholding of knowledge about alternative forms of energy.

If the general population of the world knew the truth about energy abundance, we would not have an energy crisis today, and our world would be much different.

There currently exists a monopoly, an Energy Cartel of international energy corporations, controlling all mainstream energy sources and regulating the flow of information about any energy alternatives.

Monopoly energy is a combination of the following:  electricity, natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel oil, coal, and jet fuel.

The allowed Alternative energies are solar, wind, and geothermal power, because the Energy Cartel controls them as well.

Not-allowed Alternative energy is any energy that is not defined above, including zero point energy, radiant energy, low energy nuclear reaction (LENR), magnetic motors, gravitational motors, noble gas motors, motionless electronic generators, and many others.

The energy monopoly generates enormous and unbelievable amounts of money each day for its owners (The Energy Cartel) by selling their energy to people and governments.  Any type of energy that bypasses this monopoly threatens the Energy Cartel and they fight vigorously to maintain this monopoly. 

The Energy Cartel's great wealth and power comes by keeping everyone ignorant of practical energy alternatives.

The Energy Cartel has used their massive wealth accumulated over centuries to purchase all mainstream media outlets including television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

As the owners of the mainstream media outlets, the Energy Cartel has total control of the media and they control the content that most people receive day in and day out.

Media executives are trained that only monopoly energy types are allowed in the media and there is no exposure to energy sources outside their control.  They create and promote propaganda that imply that monopoly energy is the only energy available.  They ensure any information about non-monopoly energy is dismissed, ridiculed, or hidden away from the general population.  This is done is to protect the current energy monopoly. 

The Energy Cartel will go to any length to discredit and bury alternative energy sources which they do not control.  They are not limited by laws and ethics.

The first thing that the Energy Cartel will do is to intimidate the inventor of a device, threatening physical harm to the inventor or a loved one.  This intimidation is performed by hired thugs to discourage the inventor from discussing his or her invention with other people.  The goal of the Energy Cartel is that no one will know about the inventor's technology.

If the inventor continues to tell others about the technology, the intimidation is escalated, usually by financial means, or the destruction of property, including but not limited to the invention.

Finally, if the inventor persists, they will offer to buy the invention, pay for the inventor’s silence, or resort to physical violence, up to and including the inventor’s death.

In the following link, you will find many stories where inventors were suppressed, disappeared, or were killed.  None of these technologies have become available in the marketplace. 


One example of free energy suppression is the Daniel Dingel story.  Daniel Dingel lives in the Philippines, and has converted over 100 gasoline cars to run on salt water alone.  Mr. Dingel tried to give the technology to the Philippine government for all Philippine residents to use.  But the Philippine President refused his offer because it would violate the terms of a loan from the World Bank. The reason: it would compete with the sale and use of OIL.


Here is a link from Patrick J Kelly and his book.  http://www.free-energy-info.com/PJKbook.pdf

This books contains 2529 pages of information on over 196 Free-Energy inventions (at the point of this writing).  Mr. Kelly has compiled this list of alternative-energy devices over several decades.  Originally, he was disappointed at the confusing descriptions found in Patents, written by inventers who try to hide how their invention works.  He sifted through all the known information about each device and wrote a description in layman’s English so he could understand how and why each invention worked.  He basically did this for his own use.  As others learned of his interpretations, his document has been made available online and you are encouraged to read it for your own understanding. 

Education is the key.

When a critical mass of people discovers alternative energy, the Energy Cartel is finished and their power is destroyed.  I became aware of the alternative energy through the story of Stan Meyers who drove a dune buggy across the USA with only water as fuel. 

I never knew how much I did not know until I began researching alternative energy and attending alternative energy conferences.  When you meet people with similar interests and began talking with them, you discover how little you know.

I have met so many interesting people during the last four or five years as I attended conferences. I’ve met people who have done amazing things that I never considered, for example:

I met John Milewski, who uses brown beer bottles to create gold.  He uses a microwave oven to zap brown beer bottles causing gold to condenses onto the melted glass from the air.



And another fellow, Brian Besco, uses copper wire and bends it into geometrical shapes.  These geometrical shapes vibrate with the earth’s resonant frequency to produce positive biological energy for health.
        Video can be found at:  http://www.twistedsage.com/Pages/default.aspx
Another fellow Clayton Nolte, created structured water using PVC spheres where water passes between these spheres and changes the angles where the hydrogen atom attaches to the oxygen atom.

I have learned that it is possible to run a motor off of a battery that will drive a lawnmower while charging additional battery.

I learned of alternative living structures such as yurts, cob homes, earth ships, etc.



Attending conferences is one of the best ways to spread ideas.  The ideas are like a virus that spreads at conferences and infects the minds of people who attend.

I saw a motor (Papp Motor) that would run without input or output valves with a fuel that lasts a whole year on 10 cents worth of noble gases.
Health devices are seen with pulsing lights of specific frequencies to kill pathogens within the body.
Video can be found at: http://www.edskilling.com/
I have seen Lawnmower motors running on Mountain Dew, battery acid, and water.
Video can be found at: http://geetinternational.com/

Now that I have shown you some of the Free-Energy technologies, are you satisfied with the current situation?  Are you happy paying the Energy Cartel their High prices for polluting technology?

Free Energy Technology is available, research it yourself, talk to others and spread the word.