Frosty Wooldridge
Compelling interview with Frosty Wooldridge on America adding 100 million immigrants  
Fellow Americans:
This compelling one hour interview exposes the ramifications, consequences, challenges and sobering realities of America adding 100 million immigrants and a total of 138 million people to America within the next 37 years by 2050.  We face accelerating water shortages, energy depletion and resource exhaustion. We face climate destabilization, acidified oceans, air pollution, cultural chaos and linguistic confusion. 
At the end of the program, Wooldridge offers three of the most powerful websites you can join for free to collectively make your voice heard.  This will be the most powerful, sobering and dramatic interview you have ever seen on our country's future. Send it to all your friends, face book and all major networks.  Wooldridge begins about minute 18 of the interview if you care to move it directly to his presentation.

Subject: Michael Opitz Radio/Pod Cast show with Co-Host Christina Jeffery and Special Guest Frosty Wooldridge

All, the latest release of the Michael Opitz Show with Co-Host Christina Jeffery and Special Guest Frosty Wooldridge is now available.  Big Media is not representing and reflecting the views of the grassroots, so we must have our own grassroots media outlet.  Please support Grassroots Media; listen/view then click on the "Tiny Url" below and forward to your friends.  Also copy the "Tiny Url" below and post on Facebook and Twitter.  Let's create a nation wide wave for Grassroots Media!

Watch Now #Immigration Crisis with Frosty Wooldridge on The Michael Opitz Show decidingthevote.com/dtv-radio/@FrostyWooldrid1 @MichaelOpitz PlsRT


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