Phoenix Center for the Arts - public town hall discussing issues on environment and education

Phoenix Center for the Arts - public town hall discussing issues on environment and education
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 10-17-2013
Subject: Education: Government Schools

Environmentalist Steve Brittle, Arizona Education Association president Andrew Morrill, Rev. John Dorhauer and Lisa Wales of the Community Media Foundation vs... Ernest Hancock :)

K-12 Rollover Pays off the K-12 rollover amount ($21.9 million) for school districts with 600 or less students. [This will help small school districts with cashflow issues because they will no longer have to borrow money to replace state aid until the state makes its payment.]
K-12 rollover:
Continues to defer $930,727,700 in basic state aid payments for fiscal year 2014 until fiscal year 2015. Appropriates $930,727,700in fiscal year 2015 for these deferred payments. Allows the State Board of Education to make the rollover payment no later than July 12, 2014
[This earlier payment requirement will help all school districts with cash flow issues because it will only require them to ―float their
budget‖ or borrow money for two weeks into the fiscal year. Since the K-12 rollover is paid off for districts with less than 600 students, this only impact districts with more than 600 students.]

1. OPENING- 2 minutes

 Announce event;  Title,  format-overview of evening event/structure. 

2. CONCEPT.  3 minutes
Brief statement by moderator:  Introduction.  Idea and importance of forum-genesis and intention.   America as a nation of ideas progressed as a society by discussion of ideas and values reflecting it's diversity of ethnicities,  ideologies and worldviews.   45 second recitation of core of Declaration summarizing core of American concept( (Thomas Jefferson "Author of America"-Christopher Hitchens)

3. ROUND ONE- Moderator questions  -50 minutes   (end 8pm)

    - Specific issues to be discussed in categories of environmental policy and education. 
     -Ground rules and etiquette for entire forum for panel and audience(3 minute period for answer/rebuttal by
        panelists-all have chance to answer question with one rebuttal round).  
     -2 minute introduction by moderator before response to first question by each panelist

4.  ROUND TWO: Audience participation/Open forum   40 minutes  (end 8:45)

    -Reiterate etiquette/ground rules
     -no interruptions(verbal or applause) by audience or panelists of those holding the floor
    -1 minute comments/questions from audience alternating from two mikes.
    -same 3 minute answer/rebuttal from panel.
5.  CLOSE:  Look back.   Begin 8:45 -(15 minutes)
      -Discussion from panel and audience on event with same ground rules-positive/negative/suggestions.
       -Ideas for future events
       -Thank panelists, audience and volunteers
       -Reminder of recorded broadcast of program Sunday 9-11/Possible podcast

BREAKS:  3 minutes each

1.  Before program - Kaja Brown: Brief history/purpose of Radio Phoenix-pitch for volunteers/support
2.  7:30   Summary of Saturday event
3.  8:00   Raffle
4.  8:30   Raffle

*3 minute float on breaks


Maryland and 3rd St Phoenix Center for the Arts.


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