Freedom Tech Workshop #1 - Saturday February 1st 2014

Freedom Tech Workshop #1 - Saturday February 1st 2014
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 01-15-2014
Subject: Aquaponics

Click on image of flyer below for PDF:
Horizontal Aquaponics Pipe Garden - This is an 'Add On' to the Aquadome that will use less electricity to circulate water via an AirLift, and provide another stand alone food system. This is a Teaching Class for only 10 students.
This is a Teaching Class that will cost $20 and be limited to 10 people so please RSVP to
Brian and Mike at
(galegher -at- gmail.com)
4886 W Port Au Prince at the Hancock home in NW Phoenix.

Saturday February 1st 2014 from Noon until 4pm.

$20 does NOT include lunch. Please bring your own and we'll have the ability for you to prepare it.
- Instruction Manual
- Construction Video
- Itemized Parts List
- Hands On Training/Experience
The AirLift pump is based on this type of water lift system
and is the reason for our having this class so that we can learn how to circulate our water with much less power than using a sump pump. This method also aerates the water and lifts it up to at least the 10 foot height needed to gravity flow all of our Grow Beds, Float Beds and Vertical & Horizontal Pipe Garden elements.
This is the last phase of the entire Aquadome system and is the best time to see the completion of the entire system.
For some Pics   #1 The Sink gets installed /   #2 Dome Panels are sized /  #3 Ernie Sewing - We are much farther along than these photos demonstrate... buuuut if you want to get an early look at what we have accomplished then I guess we'll see you in class :)