Freedom and Elections are Mutually Exclusive

Freedom and Elections are Mutually Exclusive
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 09-12-2014
Subject: Voting and Elections

Powell Gammill

September 1 at 6:06am ·

Freedom and Elections are Mutually Exclusive

by Powell Gammill, candidate (L)
U.S. Representative, District 9 (Arizona)

You own yourself. Otherwise you are owned. You have the Right to do whatever you desire throughout your life as long as it does not trespass upon others without their freely granted consent. Enjoy your life and laugh at anyone who suggests they rule you. Of course, in some instances, persistent robbers may need to be laughed at with a loaded, cocked .45 in hand.


Do not vote until you have asked yourself, "What do you want?"

Do you want more freedom?

Or, do you want to be free?

Two separate and mutually exclusive demands (or requests).

Asking for more freedom implies asking someone who rules over you for more freedom. After all, if you are free, you need ask no one for more freedom. If you are completely free, you actually cannot ask for more freedom. You cannot get more than 100% of something. If you are not completely free then someone rules over you. Is this rule with your consent?

Who are these rulers? Besides the implied threat to harm you what is their authority to rule over you?

Do you own yourself? If not, then who owns you? Where did this ownership come from? Did you agree to this ownership? Do you own part of yourself? Do other persons own parts of you?

If you do own all of yourself, should you not act like it? Should you not be the one to decide what you can put into your body or not put into your body? Should you not be the one to decide what to do with your body or not to do with your body? Should you not be the one to decide how the things you make with your time and body be preserved or bartered?

Is that the way conditions exist now, or are you denied what you might like to put into your body? Are things mandated to be put into your body or carried upon your person? Do you go when and where you wish, or are you ordered to appear and perform? Do you keep and trade what you make, or is there someone monitoring what you labor to manufacture and allowing you to keep some percentage?

Who are these people?

Who are you?

Do you think it is just fine to have someone tell you what you can do? Or what you cannot do? Or what you must do? What you can possess? Or what you cannot possess? What you can purchase? Or what you cannot purchase? What you can make? What you cannot make?

Or is it that you consider it fine that someone tells others what they can do? Or what they cannot do? What they can possess? Or what they cannot possess? What they can purchase? Or what they cannot purchase? What they can make? Or what they cannot make?

Who are these people?

Who are you?

So I imagine you might exclaim, "Well, someone has to tell people what the limits of their freedoms are, or there would be anarchy! Everyone would be doing what they wanted to do and not what needed to be done."

Well, who are these people who get to decide what everyone else gets to do, when to do it, and where the products of their labor are to be and where they end up? How did they get to be in this deciding role? Who decided this? And are you just fine with how these rulers over you are turning out?

If you decide you want more freedom, then do not be surprised if the people you go requesting more freedom from refuse to relinquish their control over you. Go ahead and vote for one of them. They give you no other choice.

If on the other hand you decide you want to be free then start by acting like it. Free people only need permission (freely given consent) when interacting--trespassing on someone's freedom--with others. Free people do not obey lawful orders because there is no such thing. Free people expect no limits to be placed upon them beyond not trespassing upon others' freedoms. In kind, they expect nobody will trespass upon their freedoms without freely granting permission. And that trespasses will not occur without compensations being agreed to. Free people are polite and respectful people. They expect to be treated as they treat others.

If you truly own yourself then you must be prepared to defend yourself from those who would persistently trespass upon your freedom against your wishes. Or at least be outspoken in your refusal to cooperate in being owned. Slaves do not stand up for themselves. Free people do not vote for their rulers.

Refuse to participate in a voluntary process that maneuvers you from free to a freedom seeking supplicant. Do something more useful that day like organize an 2014 Election Day Target Shoot and use all of that campaign literature you received or political signs you pass by as the targets.


Do you want lower taxes?

Do you want no taxes?

Two separate and mutually exclusive demands (or requests) . . . .