The Bit Drop for an entire nation in the Caribbean

The Bit Drop for an entire nation in the Caribbean
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 09-13-2014
Subject: Bitcoin

Join Coinapult, Aspen Assurance, Bitcoin Beauties,
College Cryptocurrency Network, and Free Talk Live for the first tropical Bitcoin party!

On March 14th 2015
at 9:26 am, in coincidence with Piday, we are throwing a full-island party called The Bit Drop for an entire nation in the Caribbean. The Bit Drop project will send Bitcoin via SMS texting to every resident on Dominica, a Caribbean commonwealth island with a population of over 70,000... thus creating the world's largest and highest density Bitcoin community.

Each islander will own Bitcoin and celebrate in style with well-known surprise musical artists who support Bitcoin, fire dancers, sponsored tropical island spirits, free giveaways, and full bitcoin education booths during the event.

Pack your board-shorts or Bikini because YOU have a chance to WIN an ALL-inclusive trip to the island by donating 0.1 BTC today. Our goal is to create the world's largest and highest density Bitcoin community on the planet. One lucky winner will receive airfare, lodging and this incredible Caribbean party! Don't have 0.1 BTC to donate? No worries, even the smallest donations will make an impact for this project. All supporters will be linked to a live feed featuring the event, musical artists and more opportunities to win free giveaways!

The Bit Drop is working with full cooperation and support of the island's government. By partnering with the Dominica's elected leaders, Aspen Assurance and Coinapult, The Bit Drop will give each islander a small amount of Bitcoin. Before the party, we plan to distribute educational materials via government channels on Bitcoin and the "Bit Drop" project. We will create local information centers to educate people about Bitcoin and how to use their new digital wallets and then celebrate in style during the island's holiday season.

Is your company interested in global exposure and reaching a new demographic of Bitcoiners?
Please contact us today to learn about our sponsorship packages for this event.


WIN an ALL-inclusive Trip
by following these 4 simple steps.

1. Follow Us twitter @TheBitDrop

2. Donate 0.1BTC to the address below:


3. Tweet @TheBitDrop the reason you should win the trip with #WinBitDropTrip

4. Email win@letthebitdrop.com with your sending address of donation & your twitter handle

Winner announced in October 2014


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